7 of the best-paid tech jobs in the U.S. this year

If you’re thinking about a job move this year, you’re definitely not alone: a recent “New Year, New Career” poll found that 96% of U.S. workers are planning to look for a new role in 2023. The reasons are manifold: 40% said they need a higher income, 35% are currently unemployed, 34% said there’s no room to grow in their current job, and a quarter of the poll’s respondents said they are working in a toxic environment.

Those working in tech are understandably nervous about the current landscape. With tech layoffs an almost weekly feature at the moment, 66% of workers think it will be difficult to find a new job due to the state of the economy.

But new research indicates that there are still many jobs and career paths with strong footings. The 100 Best Jobs ranking showcases a number of high-paying tech roles — explore seven of those below.

Median salary: $120,730

One of the globe’s most in-demand jobs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a 26% employment growth for software developers up to 2031. In that period, an estimated 370,600 jobs are projected to open up. IT consulting firm GenSpark is recruiting for a Java Developer role, which can be based in Maryland. You’ll need a BS in STEM, two to three years’ of programming experience, previous professional experience in Java mandate and one to three years experience in SQL is also required.

Median salary: $102,600

Cybersecurity is another growth area: The BLS projects “information security analyst” will be the 10th fastest growing occupation over the next decade. If this is your area, Interactive Brokers in Greenwich, CT, has an opening for an Information Security Analyst.

Consistently at the forefront of trading innovation, the company prides ourselves on being primarily a technology company and challenging the status quo. You’ll maintain a repository of firm security policies and controls, maintain mapping of policies and controls to regulatory requirements and industry frameworks and track development and maintenance of security standards with their respective owners to ensure timely completion, among other tasks.

Median salary: $159,010

By 2031, 82,400 new IT manager jobs are expected to be created, according to the BLS. Siemens has a vacancy for a Senior IT Service Provider Performance Manager for its  Alpharetta, GA location.

You will help build the relationship with Siemens’ partners and drive the journey to the cloud. You should have experience in managing the performance of providers delivering application managed services in an IT organization.

Median salary: $77,030

This role encompasses back-end developers who are responsible for writing the code that stores and processes website data on a site; front-end developers focus more on the user experience as well as full-stack developers, who work across both front- and back-end web development.

Infologitech is seeking a Web Developer in Richmond, VA. You will need extensive experience in website accessibility standards and methodologies plus seven years’ of experience developing in web content management systems, and the same amount of experience in graphic and web design.

Median salary: $99,270

Another strong growth role, BLS is projecting that an estimated 50,900 jobs in the field will be available by 2031.

The Operational Computer Systems Analyst Level 2 at Lockheed Martin Corporation in Hanover, MD, will play a vital role in providing computer support to achieve core mission objectives by actively managing the functioning enterprise computer systems. To apply you will need a BS plus two years relevant experience across network administration, system administration (Windows, LINUX), virus detection and prevention and scripting languages (e.g. Bash).

Median salary: $100,910

More data means more skilled workers who can work with it to derive meaningful insights. There were 79 zettabytes of data generated worldwide in 2021 and the global big data analytics market annual revenue is estimated to reach $68.09 billion by 2025.

The LA Times has an opportunity for a Data Scientist in El Segundo. You will be part of its data organization, where you’ll have the chance to work with a diverse team that includes data engineers, analysts and consumer researchers, developing novel ways to help stakeholders in the newsroom achieve objectives through analysis and modeling. Interested candidates will need a Bachelor’s degree in a quantitative or computing-focused degree and four years’ of experience in analytics and data science.

Median salary: $96,710

With the BLS projecting an 8.1% employment growth for database administrators up to 2031, this is a career worth looking at.

If you are in Philadelphia PA, Worldgate, llc is seeking a Database Administrator. You’ll be responsible for the development and support in administration on client database systems using database programming languages. Additionally you will manage the performance, integrity and security and be involved in the planning and development of the database, as well as troubleshooting any issues.

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