505 Games reveals several new indie titles in its digital showcase

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505 Games held its first digital showcase this morning, and gave a look at several of the indie games in its upcoming release calendar. The company revealed three new games, and gave a look at Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising.

The first game shown was Among the Trolls, a survival sim set in a Finnish forest. The main character is stranded within the forest and must not only find a way to survive, but appease the trolls and other spirits within the forest. In practice, it appears very similar to other survival games, with crafting mechanics and taking things from the environment. However, the player won’t be able to take resources indiscriminately, or it’ll anger the forest trolls.

The second new game is Stray Blade, a new Soulslike title. The hero is an anthropologist accidentally transported to another plane while exploring old ruins. They team up with a small animalistic creature called Boji to save the world of Acrea. Supposedly the player’s choices will also shape the world around them.

The third new game, which got a relatively short teaser trailer at the end, is Miasma Chronicles. All we saw was the main character (or who I presume is the main character) and a robot companion confronting some kind of dark portal. There’s no telling, just from what little we saw, what kind of gameplay it’ll have. However, it is the work of Mutant Year Zero developer The Bearded Ladies.

505 Games also showed off Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising, which launched last week. While it would have been more interesting to see Hundred Heroes, the game for which Rising is a prequel, we didn’t get to see that.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz