5 Tips To Find Cheap SeaTac Parking

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Located in the scenic Pacific Northwest and serving the two cities of Seattle and Tacoma, SeaTac airport is one of the United States’ busiest airports. It sees an average footfall of roughly 50 million passengers every year and serves as the lifeline of the Seattle metropolitan area. However, the large amount of air traffic also means a lot of competition for reliable and affordable SeaTac parking spots from where passengers can park and fly.

To get ahead, you need to have all the answers to your questions at the tips of your fingers – like where to find the best spots at the airport; the cheapest rates that don’t burn a hole in your pocket; or even cheap off-site SeaTac parking that can save you both time and money!

We’ve collated together everything you might need to know about parking in Seattle Airport so that you are not caught unawares about details like SeaTac airport parking rates and SeaTac long term parking.

1. Research the SeaTac parking lots and their rates

You might be mistaken in thinking that SeaTac parking offers the same kind of parking spots – you have a range of lots to choose from. And with that, your choices of SeaTac airport parking rates also vary, making it quite confusing to choose. Also, keep in mind that there is a height limit for vehicles, so if you’re at the helm of an over-height vehicle, you might need to park in a designated lot.

Depending upon the duration of your trip, you can choose between SeaTac long-term parking or SeaTac short-term parking. Both of these are offered at the Terminal Direct and General Parking lots. If you’re a frequent member, you can even opt for the Corporate parking lot or choose the Passport Parking option, which is charged monthly. We’ve collected the SeaTac airport parking rates and lots for your benefit in the tables below.

SeaTac on-site parking rates

SeaTac Airport long term parking lotSeatac Airport parking rates
Terminal Direct$39/day and $273/week
General Parking$32/day and $149/week
Passport parking$375/month
Corporate parking (members only)$22/day

2. Check if you can pre-book a spot or whether only drive-up facility is available

The next thing you need to do is decide whether you want to book in advance or just wing it and drive up to the airport. SeaTac parking offers pre-booking, which can be convenient if you’re going for SeaTac long term parking, and also if you want to save yourself the hassle of driving around looking for available spots. In fact, if you intend to park for more than 30 days, you must pre-book your parking spot, without which it may be considered abandoned and towed.

On the other hand, the drive-up facility offers flexibility for quick flights as you don’t need any extra preparation beforehand. Seatac parking’s pre-booking facility can shave at least 5% off your drive-up parking charges. If you opt for the Weekly parking option, your savings can be as high as 19%!

3. Keep in mind the cost of on-site parking

One thing you might have noticed is the steep price of on-site parking in Seattle airport. Gunning for the best parking in Seattle airport will also leave your wallet lighter in the long run! The SeaTac airport parking rates can range from the moderately-priced Corporate parking at $22 to the General and Terminal Direct parking lots that can cost you $32 and $39, respectively. During the holidays or peak seasons, the rates could also shoot up because of heavy demand. If you’d prefer a reliable and cheap off-site parking lot to the official Seattle parking lots, you can even use websites like Way.com to get you great deals on the same.

4. Check for cheaper off-site options available

You needn’t be troubled by the high prices of the Seatac parking lots – there are several more affordable and reliable options around, if only you know where to look! There are quite a few websites that allow you to search for inexpensive and convenient SeaTac long term parking at off-site lots that are well-maintained and secure. For example, the Way.com parking app/website lets you choose and book parking in less than a couple of minutes and at a fraction of the on-site price through offers and discounted rates. That way, you won’t be fleeced by high SeaTac airport parking rates!

Most of these lots belong to hotels near SeaTac airport, and you can park there even if you are not booking a room with them. They even provide free shuttle services that are available 24×7, making it convenient for those late night or early morning flights!

5. Beat the traffic – leave home well in advance!

The Seattle-Tacoma Airport is located approximately 15 miles from downtown Seattle. That means that at an average speed, it might take you around 30-40 minutes to travel one-way – but that’s only the best-case scenario! You may be delayed quite a bit if there’s construction on the highways or if you’re forced to take a diversion. Not to mention the traffic snarls you’ll have to navigate if you’re leaving the city during rush hour! It’s better to be safe than sorry and plan so that you arrive well in advance at SeaTac airport and don’t miss your flight.

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Other Seatac parking tips

  • Parking coupons are often available for SeaTac parking and can be availed through sites like Groupon, RetailMeNot, and Ebates.
  • Remember that motorcycles are charged the same SeaTac airport parking rates as other vehicles.
  • If you own an electric vehicle, you can find 48 free EV charging stations spread out across the SeaTac airport lots. They are marked with green striping and designated as ‘Electric Car Charging Only.’
  • There is a 6’10” height limit for vehicles entering the garage lots. If you drive a larger vehicle, you should park only at the Over-Height Vehicle Parking lot.
  • SeaTac airport also has Accessible and ADA parking spaces for which standard rates apply. They are connected to the Terminal by wheelchair accessible pathways. However, such vehicles must display valid disabled permit identification.