4D Sight and the new way to advertise

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I have yet to meet anyone, other than people in ad sales, who like commercials. Television was bad enough, but at least you knew when the ad breaks were coming. It’s even worse in the gaming world. Streaming ads are disruptive and are everywhere nowadays. As with most things, it was only a matter of time until someone came up with a better way. 4D Sight believes they have the answer.

Today, 4D Sight is announcing that it will be opening up access to content creators. Developed to help creators monetize their streams without as many disruptions, the software embeds ads in the background.

“No one likes interruptive ads, which is why 82% of GenZ skip ads and 72% of North Americans use ad blockers,” said CEO Erhan Ciris, in an interview with GamesBeat. “It’s imperative for the future of the creator economy that monetization become seamless and allow brands to have big payoffs in terms of loyalty and long-term love.”

Say goodbye to interruptions

So what leads someone to create this kind of product? Ciris is not a fan of disruptive ads.

“Just like everyone else, I have always been annoyed with interruptive ads,” said Ciris. “And I have always found product placement to be a genuine way to promote a brand. I knew that if we could find a way to create these native ad spaces within the physical and digital environments, we could unlock tremendous value across all mediums without jeopardizing the viewing experience.”

The new service, which launches soon, has attracted the attention of some big name investors. Riot Games, Kevin Lin (cofounder of Twitch), Loaded, and popular streamer Shroud are all on board, among others.

“Loaded leads the industry in terms of creator monetization and we enjoy a unique vantage point to evaluate new market entrants,” says Josh Swartz, CEO of Loaded. “Tools like 4D Sight will unlock a new layer of the creator economy, promoting more of the programmatic buys that we see in other entertainment verticals, without disrupting the direct creator-to-consumer experience that makes the live streaming and gaming space so magical. For both our firm and creators who were excited by the partnership, we’re eagerly anticipating the next steps for the 4D Sight team. They have an opportunity to profoundly impact our industry.”

Under the hood

So, how does it work?

“Our patented computer vision technology processes live videos and VOD in real-time and creates video overlays that look like they are inside the three-dimensional space.”

In a similar fashion to the product placement of old, 4D Sight believes the subtle approach is best. To that end, the platform takes in video from creators and inserts images over the stream. This new way of game advertising cannot currently be blocked by ad blockers. It also takes out the extra layer of having to work directly with game developers to advertise within their products.

4D Sight is launching soon. Any creators interested in this new service can sign up for updates on the website.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz