9 cloud jobs with the biggest salaries

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There’s no doubt that the pandemic shifted gears up a notch for government departments and businesses when it came to cloud adoption. Those who had already put strategies in place thanked their lucky stars — it was relatively straightforward to send teams home, and work could more or less seamlessly carry on with a few adjustments.

Those that had been on the fence about cloud adoption were forced to dive in, accelerating the rate of cloud adoption globally. In fact, global end-user public cloud spending grew by 23% in 2021, according to Gartner.

Naturally, that has fuelled demand for skilled cloud professionals. As the hiring squeeze tightens for developers and programmers, salaries are rising. The 2022 Cloud Salary Survey from O’Reilly tracks trends in compensation across a number of different job titles and levels within cloud jobs.

From a survey of 778 cloud professionals, the study discovered that on average, ​​salaries in cloud roles increased last year by 4.3%, and those who had participated in 40 or more hours of training in the past year received higher salary increases. Twenty percent of respondents reported changing employers in the past year and the same percentage of workers plans to look for a new job this year because of compensation. In less positive news, the average salary for women is 7% lower than the average salary for men.

So, what are the top salaries in cloud computing this year?

  1. Directors and executives: $235,000-$237,000
  2. Architects, leads, and managers: $188,000-$196,000
  3. Architects: $188,000
  4. Marketing: $187,000
  5. Sales: $186,000
  6. Engineers: $175,000
  7. Product: $162,000
  8. Associates: $140,000
  9. Consultants: $129,000

Interested in looking for a new role? We have three cloud jobs to check out below — and there are plenty more on the VentureBeat Job Board too.

Senior Software Engineer, Chaos Engineering — Remote, Hubspot

The Role: A new discipline, HubSpot chaos engineering group, is now adding a Senior Software Engineer.

The Responsibilities: The chaos team will be instrumental in helping product and infrastructure teams better handle system failures. The primary focus of the team will be to safely degrade the state of product applications and infrastructure services to determine how they fail and to ensure they fail in ways that minimize customer pain.

The Requirements: You will have an interest or experience with chaos engineering, SRE culture, and improving reliability with automation as well as experience designing and operating distributed systems and cloud infrastructure at scale.

Find out more about the Senior Software Engineer role or discover more opportunities at HubSpot.

The Role: CrowdStrike is looking for a Senior Software Engineer for its Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP), a key, rapidly evolving product area. The team is extending CrowdStrike’s mission of “stopping breaches” into the public cloud and cloud-native workloads.

The Responsibilities: You will build cloud services and detection/prevention capabilities and research and develop new improvements to the existing detection and prevention features.

The Requirements: Six plus years’ of professional experience with a deep understanding of all aspects of cloud services / distributed systems development and maintenance are required, as is deep experience with one or more programming languages such as Golang, C/C++, Python or Java.

More information on the Senior Software Engineer is available as are other roles at CrowdStrike.

The Role: The Senior Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO), is the principal point of contact to ensure IT systems implement security controls and processes to develop and maintain a strong security posture.

The Responsibilities: You’ll conduct risk analyses from vulnerability and compliance scans, pen testing results, or other audit activity. You will also support a customer with multiple cloud systems, so cloud security and cloud ATO experience would be ideal.

The Requirements: You will need a strong understanding of cloud security and experience with multiple cloud service providers (CSPs) such as Microsoft Azure (preferred) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) as well as experience or knowledge of the process of migrating IT systems to the cloud, to include overall migration strategy and security guidance.

More detail on the Senior Information Systems Security Officer job is available as are further job openings at BAE Systems.

If you’re thinking about making a job move then check out thousands of open roles on the VentureBeat Job Board

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