You’re tossing hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Truebill can put it back in your wallet.

Having money definitely doesn’t mean you know how money works. In fact, the amount you have in your bank accounts often has nothing to do with your effectiveness as a money manager. When about 1 in 5 people making over $100,000 annually are still living paycheck to paycheck, that’s evidence that many of us aren’t budgeting regularly and keeping close tabs on our finances.

Truebill was created for anyone who realizes there are some murky corners of their income and spending that could be tightened up. This all-in-one money management app can chart the dollars you make, monitor every penny you spend, and make sure there is still enough left over to not only get you to the next month, but to all those financial goals you’ve set for your future.

Once members have joined, downloaded the app, and connected their various bank and credit card accounts, Truebill can serve as a central home for all of your financial monitoring. With all of their transactions included, Truebill creates customized categories for all purchases and helps members understand exactly how much they have available to spend each month.

With that data, Truebill lets users chart their spending patterns and use that information to set goals for ways to optimize in each category.

One great area to find immediate savings is among all those various subscriptions we all stack up. Using your transactions, Truebill compiles a list of all your subscriptions and services, including the ones you didn’t realize you were still paying for. With everything in one single list, the app makes it simple to assess each one, then stop the ones you no longer need. In fact, Truebill can go the extra step of canceling those unwanted subscriptions for you.

That’s because Truebill isn’t just an app. It also has a dedicated and very human support team, staffed with negotiation experts who can not only help members find savings, but actually step in and get those savings done on behalf of a member. If there’s a way to get 20 percent off your cable bill or car insurance, a trained Truebill representative will take care of making it happen. 

Truebill continues to unleash features for saving money, including automatic savings goals, access to credit reports and histories, and even the ability to grab an interest-free pay advance of up to $100 if there’s ever a money emergency. 

As Trustpilot reviewer Kayla S. comments, “Extremely helpful, love the auto savings every check … Cancelled subscriptions I never use and looking forward to managing my money so much better.”

Truebill has directly saved members more than $10 million — Open an account today to get a feel for the Truebill system and see how much money they can save you.

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