Xsolla teams up with Devcom on year-extended strategic partnership

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Game commerce firm Xsolla has been a great sponsor for many game events, like these held by GamesBeat. But it is going deeper in its partnership with Devcom this year.

Devcom, the game developer conference that accompanies the giant Gamescom occasion in Cologne, Germany, has signed a year-extended strategic partnership with Xsolla, which presents services such as worldwide payments for games. And the two businesses hope it will lead to great items for game developers and creators in emerging nations.

Xsolla has been a frequent sponsor of Devcom, which will take location as an on-line-only occasion in August, for a extended time. Now it will support provide method and logistics for the occasion. And it will provide the payment technique for Devcom events.

“We all deal with the same kind of problems. And I’m really convinced that we can, no one of us can solve this in our little ivory tower on our own,” mentioned Stephan Reichart, head of Devcom, in an interview with GamesBeat. “We need people that have daily business operations to tell us what they need. And we can see how we can help them to bring them there, and how to support them.”

The partnership contains the integration of Xsolla’s payment technique and infrastructure as Devcom’s top remedy for all upcoming events, like the Devcom Developer Conference, the Art &amp Animation Summit, and upcoming Master Classes.

How it came collectively

“We met about a year ago and did some things together on Twitch, and the more we did together, the more we understood that we have the same position in so many things when it comes to partnerships and long-term partnerships and also in analyzing our industry,” mentioned Reichart. “Over the last three to four months, every time when Chris was part of our games, industry insiders events, we always connected on so many levels.”

Devcom produced its Call of Change summit, even though Xsolla produced a Game Carnival occasion. Both have been aimed at enhancing diversity and assisting the sector at a time when the pandemic was taking its toll.

“We need to take care of helping the industry to have healthy growth,” Reichart mentioned.

So they talked more about going beyond a classic sponsorship but to use Xsolla’s tools with Devcom.

“The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to not just do a brand partnership, as it’s quite typical for the event industry, but connect us on many other levels,” Reichart mentioned. “Chris is joining our strategic advisory board and so we are setting up the strategic advisory board will use this to think not only about what is going to happen in three months or six months, but to think about what is going to happen in five years from now. And how do we get there?”

More than a sponsorship

Xsolla will also be featured as the principal companion for all forthcoming events, participate in Devcom channels with informative sector content and have a permanent seat on the Devcom strategic advisory board.

This enables Xsolla to bring its experience to the table so Devcom can continue to bring relevant, meaningful content to its audiences. Xsolla can extract a lot of understanding of the game enterprise due to the fact it operates with so quite a few businesses across the sector, Hewish mentioned.

Devcom and Xsolla have effectively collaborated in the previous and anticipate this expanded partnership will lead to other related extended-term collaborations among occasion/content formats and globally-operating businesses in the games sector. The two firms every bring a massive network of sector pros and know-how collectively and will be an instance of how extended-term partnerships can advantage the neighborhood as a entire.

Reichart mentioned that the pandemic has brought drastic adjustments for quite a few conference organizers in the games sector. In April last year, Devcom decided to provide year-round, weekly content rather than a digital option to the principal annual conference.

Reichart believes that service providers like Xsolla can support the sector adapt to huge adjustments in technologies coming in the next handful of years.

“We’ve had a long relationship with Devcon, and they want to support the indie community all throughout Europe,” mentioned Chris Hewish, president of Xsolla, in an interview with GamesBeat. “We have products we have to sell. But we don’t like to be out there selling, like hard selling. We’d rather get out there and show through examples or show how you can achieve some success.”

He added, “We have products that can help you. We just want the games industry to be successful, and we want to democratize gaming. We work with enterprise partners, but why not bring all of those tools to everybody, so that any developer of any size can be successful. And that sort of alignment is what really felt good about partnering up and trying to do something that was more than just a sponsorship.”

Image Credit: Devcom

That meant that Devcom had to make a transformation from becoming an occasion organizer to becoming a content publisher. With Xsolla, Devcom now has a companion who not only sees itself as a sponsor of events, but also supports Devcom with know-how, tools, and joint strategic activities all through the year.

Hewish mentioned the groundbreaking modern day partnership shows there is space for more than just occasion-associated sponsorships. This partnership extends beyond a brand sponsorship to incorporate Xsolla’s tools and sector experience and network.

Now, utilizing Xsolla’s technique, Devcom can support address regions in distinctive components of the world, enabling developers in emerging regions to attend Devcom events in Europe. Devcom also has a network of 800 indie game teams that it is in touch with. This element of the partnership can support Xsolla with producing leads, Hewish mentioned.

“We could now sell tickets to countries to developers that are simply not able to spend 299 euros for conference tickets,” Reichart mentioned. “So we can prove that these tools that Xsolla is offering are really helpful for us as a vendor.”

“The time for one-time partnerships are over,” Reichart mentioned. “Only then can we identify people who should talk to each other. We need to do more than just brand partnering and log visibility. We need to see how we can help the parts of the industry that need help.”

Devcom is the official Gamescom developer conference, founded in 2017, with more than 3,000 attendees in 2020.  This year, the on-line-only occasion will take location from August 23 to August 27.

In 2021, Devcom also launched new formats and summits, such as the Call for Change Summit, the Tech &amp Tool Summit, and the Devcom Master Classes.

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