Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family plan expands to 6 more countries

Microsoft announced that it has expanded the Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family plan to six more countries, which allows up to five friends and family members to share Game Pass Ultimate benefits.

Now, Xbox players in Chile, Hungary, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa and Sweden will be able to join the plan, the tech giant said in a blogpost on Tuesday.

“This plan makes it even easier to play the best Game Pass games with friends and family across console, PC and cloud.”

Moreover, members can play at the same time on multiple devices and even play the same game at the same time.

With the plan, each member can enjoy the library of hundreds of games on console, PC or cloud.

Users can add up to four people to their membership.

“The people you share your membership with must reside in the same country as you,” it added.

The tech giant had rolled out the initial pilot of the plan in Ireland and Columbia in September last year.



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