World Emoji Day 2021: Here are the most well-liked emojis on Facebook and Twitter, verify if yours is on the list

World Emoji Day 2021: The seventh edition of World Emoji Day is getting celebrated on Saturday. Emojis have turn out to be an integral component of digital communication more than the years considering the fact that they somewhat attempt to fill the void left by lack of body language in written communication, and the several innovations that have taken location in the location of emojis to involve symbols for practically every single emotion and object is a feat that certainly does need to have to be celebrated. On the occasion of the World Emoji Day this year, social media giants Facebook and Twitter shared some enjoyable statistics they noticed on their respective platforms with regard to emojis.

Emoji trends on Twitter

Microblogging internet site Twitter shared insights concerning the use of emojis amongst persons in India on the platform as observed involving January 1 and June 30 this year.

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On Twitter, throughout this time, the laughing (or tears of joy) emoji was applied the most, followed by the prayer emoji, crying emoji, thumbs up emoji, ROFL (or tilted laughing) emoji, heart eyes emoji, pleading face emoji, smile emoji, fire emoji, and lastly the grinning emoji with smiling eyes.

Twitter also looked at the most well-liked emojis in six various categories of conversations that occurred on the platform throughout this period, and located that in conversations associated to sports and fitness, the flexed biceps emoji was applied the most, followed by runner, cricket, cartwheel and surfer emojis.

Meanwhile, in conversations about hobbies and activities, camera/photography emoji was the most well-liked one, just after which dancing emoji was applied the most. These have been followed by headphones/music, books/reading and colour palette/art emojis.

As far as the meals and beverages location is concerned, the birthday cake emoji was applied the most, followed by beer mug, chocolate bar, french fries and then lollipop emojis. The one hundred points emoji was most applied by persons to express their appreciation for a person or anything, just after which came the bouquet emoji, then the applause, G.O.A.T or greatest of all time, and then medal emojis.

Conversations surrounding nature saw rose emoji getting applied the most, followed by sunrise, sun with face, glowing star and cherry blossom emojis.

The sixth category that Twitter viewed as was COVID-19 pandemic and conversations throughout the incredibly extreme second wave as properly as just before and just after the wave’s peak throughout this time saw the prayer emoji getting applied the most. This was followed by the put on a mask emoji, SOS emoji, remain home emoji and hospital emoji, the firm mentioned.

World Emoji Day: Trends on Facebook

Facebook shared the major 3 emojis applied by persons on the platform on the basis of their age groups, saying that the Gen Zs, falling inside the bracket of 18-year-olds to 24-year-olds applying Facebook, applied the heart emoji the most, followed by the laughing emoji and the thanks or prayer emoji came last.

Meanwhile, the Millennials on the platform, involving 25 years and 44 years, most applied the thanks or the prayer emoji, followed by the heart emoji and then the cake or the birthday emoji. Among persons aged above 45 years, the thanks or prayer emoji was the most often applied, followed by the heart emoji and then the flower emoji.

Giving a basic thought concerning the emojis associated to COVID-19, the platform added that it also mentioned that though the use of the emoji face wearing the healthcare mask and that of the microbe declined, the use of the syringe emoji elevated.

Moreover, in India, the cake or the birthday emoji is the most well-liked meals or beverage-associated emoji on Facebook as properly, followed by chocolate, pastry and then candy emojis.

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