Workers at another NYC Amazon warehouse now have a union election date

Workers at Amazon’s LDJ5 facility in Staten Island in New York City will be voting on whether to unionize with the Amazon Labor Union starting April 25th, according to a report from CNBC. It’s the second Staten Island Amazon warehouse to have a union election scheduled; workers at the company’s JFK8 facility — also seeking to be represented by the ALU— will begin voting on March 25th.

According to CNBC, the LDJ5 vote will be in person, and the National Labor Relations Board will tally the results beginning May 2nd.

It’s been a long road to this election for workers at LDJ5. The warehouse was initially included in a workers’ petition to the NLRB to hold elections at multiple Staten Island facilities, but the ALU withdrew that petition so it could focus on JFK8. The union later submitted a new petition for LDJ5, which received the go-ahead from the NLRB earlier this month.

The NLRB has accused Amazon of various anti-union practices as the Staten Island facilities as workers began the steps to organize. The labor watchdog has brought cases against the company alleging that it threatened, surveilled, and interrogated workers involved with organization efforts and even fired one in retaliation for his union activity. Amazon has disputed these accounts.

The NLRB also found that Amazon interfered with a union election last year in Bessemer, Alabama, which led to it ordering a do-over. The votes for the Bessemer election redo will be counted on March 28th, according to CNBC.

Amazon did not respond to The Verge’s request for comment Friday.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz