WhatsApp recommendations and tricks: How to transfer your whole chat history from iPhone to Android

WhatsApp information transferring: Inability to transfer WhatsApp information amongst Android and iOS has often been an situation for customers, as it causes them to shed their earlier chats. WhatsApp information is backed up in Google Drive or iCloud, based on the device, and only restores this information to a phone that runs on an OS platform that supports the cloud. However, it appears that WhatsApp is working on solving this situation, as it officially announced last month that it would enable chats from iPhones to be migrated to Android devices. Though this feature is only offered for Samsung at the moment, it will be rolled out for all Android devices sometime in the future.

Transferring information from iPhone to Samsung phone

Following methods should really work for transferring information from an iPhone to any Samsung device operating on Android 10 or later. However, for this, the user will have to make certain that the Samsung device they are migrating the chats to should really either be brand new and not however set up or should really be factory reset, and will want to have a USB-C to lightning cable to connect the Samsung phone with the iPhone. It is also critical to note that the approach can be incredibly slow.

  1. Connect the brand new or factory reset Samsung phone to the iPhone through the USB-C to lightning cable and retain them connected via the wire till the approach is completed.
  2. When the iPhone pop-up asks if the connected phone is a trusted device, choose ‘Trust’.
  3. Begin setting up the Android phone by agreeing to the terms and situations and connecting it to the Wi-Fi network.
  4. The phone will then ask if the user wishes to transfer the information from an current device, to which customers will have to say ‘yes’, following which the phone will download the most up-to-date version of Smart Switch.
  5. Once Smart Switch is downloaded and launched, choose the choice to Transfer from iPhone or iPad, following which customers will get the choice to transfer the WhatsApp chats from the iPhone along with a QR code.
  6. Users can either scan this QR code with their old iPhone, or open WhatsApp on iPhone and go to Settings, then Chats and choose the choice ‘Move Chats to Android’.
  7. The iPhone will then prepare the chats and information to be transferred, and then ask customers to continue the methods indicated on the Samsung phone.
  8. The Samsung phone will ask customers about the other information they want to transfer from iPhones like contacts, pictures, SMSes, and so forth, and they can choose what they want to transfer based on their preferences.
  9. Post this, Smart Switch will ask customers to set up WhatsApp on the Samsung phone, along with any other apps they want from their earlier phone.
  10. After this, the transfer approach will commence and take about 30 minutes to 1 hour based on the quantity of information that requirements to be transferred.
  11. Upon the completion of transfer of information, customers will want to open WhatsApp on their new phone and login applying the similar quantity that they had been applying in their iPhone.
  12. Once the log in is completed, the user will be asked if they want to transfer their chat history from the iPhone, post which they can click ‘Start’ if they want to transfer the chats.

The transfer will then be completed.

Transferring WhatsApp chat backup from iPhones to non-Samsung Android

For customers not obtaining a new non-Samsung Android phone and wanting to transfer chats from their iPhone, a approach does exist. Not that this feature will not work on Samsung phones, but it is just that a substantially superior approach has been introduced, and for that reason this one is not advisable, given that this approach is cumbersome and incredibly time consuming. This approach calls for a user to transfer chats one by one, and for that reason, it is advised that customers prioritise and only transfer critical chats.

  1. On the iPhone WhatsApp app, the user will want to swipe left on the chat they want to transfer, and then tap on ‘More’.
  2. In the menu that pops up, choose the ‘Export Chat’ choice, and then choose ‘Mail’ from the ‘Share’ menu.
  3. Following this, the mailbox will open with the chat as an attachment. Send this mail to an e-mail address that will be accessible on the new Android phone.
  4. On the Android phone, open the mail, and download the attachment. Before going additional, repeat these methods for every single chat that requirements to be transferred. It will have to be noted that this will lead to customers winding up with quite a few mails of the WhatsApp chats.
  5. Once all the chats have been downloaded on the Android phone, either download the WhatsApp app, or if currently installed, delete and re-set up it.
  6. Complete the login approach on WhatsApp, following which, the app will show the choice to restore backup, which will have to be chosen by clicking on ‘Restore’ and then ‘Next’.

Following this, all the mailed chats will show up on the Android phone.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz