WhatsApp may soon let you react to texts with emoji, see who reacted to your message

WhatsApp message reactions: WhatsApp is seemingly making more iterations to its rumoured Instagram-like message reactions feature. The feature has been spotted in the past and rumours around it have been making rounds for the past few months. The feature is already available on WhatsApp’s sister platforms Messenger and Instagram, and it lets users react to a specific message in a chat with emojis.

Now, a new reaction info tab has been spotted, and it is said to be under development now. This reaction info tab will let users see who reacted to the message.

WhatsApp message reactions

As per reports, the message reactions feature would be available in individual chats as well as group chats. It is likely that like Messenger and Instagram, WhatsApp would also allow users to react using multiple emojis.

The feature, as per WABetaInfo, could be released in future updates, though it is still said to be under development and not yet released to Beta versions either.

As of now, we believe that the reactions to a message will show up below the message and clicking on that would open the reaction info tab, where users would be able to see who reacted to the message.

WhatsApp reaction info tab

As per a screenshot of the feature shared by WABetaInfo, the info tab shows “All” as the first tab, under which all the reacts are listed, and then other tabs are divided into specific emojis, showing who has used which emoji to react – similar to Facebook’s post likes and reactions.

This is what makes it seem like WhatsApp will allow multiple emojis to be used for reacting to a message. The WhatsApp features tipper has said that a user would only be able to react to a message once, and they would have six reactions to choose from.

While the feature has been spotted to be under development for WhatsApp, the platform is also reportedly working on an Android version for it.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz