What is new in the free platform upgrade for iPhone

Apple commenced the global rollout of iOS 17 for supported iPhones on September 19. This free platform upgrade is available for iPhone XR and later models, including the iPhone SE (second-generation and later). iOS 17 introduces new features enabled through new apps, a redesigned interface, and customisable widgets. Below are the details:


iOS 17 introduces a fresh iMessage app design with a single drawer for all iMessage-related services, including the camera, photos, stickers, and more, consolidated in one place. Additionally, iMessage now features a catch-up arrow to allow users to swiftly navigate to the first message in a conversation. Other enhancements include search filters for contextual searches, audio message transcription, a swipe-right gesture for quick replies, and auto check-in notifications. iOS 17 has also integrated Apple’s visual animations, such as live stickers, emojis, and memoji, under the Stickers banner. Furthermore, iOS 17 enables users to turn their live photos into Live Stickers.

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Widgets and StandBy

iOS 17 makes iPhone widgets more interactive. Users can now use widgets to access connected devices, receive real-time updates from supported apps on the lock screen, and manage music on the go. Additionally, Apple has introduced a new lock screen experience called StandBy, which utilises the iPhone’s always-on display mode to provide glanceable information. Designed to be viewed from a distance, the StandBy mode is accessible when the iPhone is in a horizontal orientation and while charging.

Phone and FaceTime

The Phone and FaceTime apps on the iPhone have undergone a redesign and include new features. The Phone app now incorporates a contact poster, a new feature introduced with iOS 17. The contact poster can be a photo or a memoji that you add to your contact card on the iPhone. It is displayed in full screen on the recipient’s Phone app. The Phone app also offers a live voicemail feature, allowing users to answer calls even if they have been redirected to voicemail.

As for FaceTime, it now supports video messages, similar to voicemails in the Phone app. This feature enables callers to record a video or audio message for the recipient in case the recipient misses a FaceTime call.


Expanding the capabilities of AirDrop, iOS 17 introduces the NameDrop feature. This feature allows users to share contact information by bringing two iOS 17-based iPhones close to each other. You can choose specific phone numbers or email addresses to share, along with contact posters, instantly.


The keyboard now displays autocorrected words with an underline, and users can revert to the original word with a tap. The new keyboard also includes the inline prediction feature, which suggests words to complete sentences.

Safari Browser

The Safari browser has received updates, including the option to separate user profiles with distinct histories, extensions, and cookies. The browser now supports autofilling one-time verification codes received in the Mail app. The iOS 17 update also enables users to share passwords and passkeys directly with contacts from the browser.


iOS 17 allows users to download maps for offline use, supporting turn-by-turn directions and place ratings.

Visual Look Up

Visual Look Up is a new feature that enables users to identify plants, animals, landmarks, and more from a video or an image. It can even find recipes for similar dishes from a photo. To use it, long-press on the object in the video or photo and tap “look up” in the pop-up menu to retrieve details related to the selected object.

Features not yet available

iOS 17 introduces collaborative playlists in the Music app and a new Journal app. These features are not available in the initial release but are expected to arrive in subsequent iOS 17 updates. Lastly, the Spatial Video recording feature for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max is slated to come later this year in conjunction with subsequent iOS 17 updates.

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