Welcome Jordan Fragen to the GamesBeat team

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GamesBeat, the gaming site where business meets passion, is welcoming a new staff member today. Jordan Fragen joins our team as our latest writer.

With experience at Newzoo and Esports Insider, Jordan brings an expertise in gaming business and competition that will help us deliver more quality news, features and events. And if you have a story that you want to pitch to Jordan or anyone on our team, the best way to do that is to send an email to our tips inbox.

Jordan joins us as a staff writer alongside myself, managing editor Mike Minotti, staff writer Rachel Kaser, and lead writer Dean Takahashi.

You’ll be seeing stories from Jordan soon, including some esports angles that she is already pursuing. She’ll also take part in our events, including our upcoming GamesBeat Summit Next in San Francisco on October 25 and October 26.

I hope you join us in welcoming Jordan to GamesBeat! We’re all excited to have her on the team!

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz