Urban Lite X: Trendy smartwatch that fits every wrist and budget

Homegrown gadget and accessories brand Inbase has introduced a new wearable —a trendy smartwatch called Urban Lite X. Priced at Rs 2,299, it features a large display and a long battery life amongst a plethora of sensors that help monitor your health.

The Urban Lite X sports a large, crisp, and sharp 1.6-inch square display and is encased in a strong casing made of aluminum and polycarbonate. The wearable is lightweight and comes with skin-friendly and sweat-resistant silicone straps in five colour options (Jet Black, Crimson Red, Silver Blue, Silver Green, and Silver Pink).

The wearable is built around a powerful Realtek chipset with Bluetooth V5.0 that offers good connectivity over a longer range plus efficient power management. When paired with your mobile device, it assists with notifications and calls, and can control your phone’s camera, volume, and a lot more. Intelligent health sensors track your blood oxygen, blood pressure, heart rate, steps and sleep, while sedentary alerts ensure you get the required activity while at work. A rechargeable battery keeps it powered for 15 days on a single charge while offering a 60-day standby time.

* Estimated street price: Rs 2,299

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz