Universal won’t be seeing Ana de Armas fans in court

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It’s unclear how serious Peter Michael Rosza and Conor Woulfe — two Ana de Armas fans from California and Maryland, respectively — were last year when they filed a proposed class action lawsuit against Universal, claiming that the studio misled the public with trailers that made it seem like de Armas played a substantial role in Yesterday. But on Monday, US District Judge Stephen Wilson dismissed the case due to its lack of standing and said that whatever injury the plaintiffs might have suffered from watching Yesterday was wholly “self-inflicted.”

Rosza and Woulfe’s initial complaint came after the pair rented Yesterday only to find that de Armas’ scenes had been edited out in the theatrical cut’s postproduction process. Confused as to why de Armas was still showing up as a Yesterday cast member in search results, Woulfe decided to also rent the film’s director’s cut from the Google Play Store hoping that the actor would make an appearance.

From Wilson’s perspective, Universal played no role in Woulfe’s decision to rent Yesterday for a second time after already having seen that de Armas was cut out of the film. Wilson also determined that even though Woulfe watched a director’s cut, he couldn’t have any reasonable expectation that the version offered through Google Play would be markedly different.

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