U&i Shuffle 4: A smart neckband with 15-hour battery life

SIMILAR TO BLUETOOTH speakers, neckbands too are selling like hot cakes, in fact, at times with much more ferocity. The latter combine convenience with impressive battery life, plus features such as noise cancellation in select variants. Neckband earphones are ideal for wearing in long-term conditions, such as jogging, exercising at the gym, on a bike and yet be able to stay connected. Their design is suited to people who need to wear headphones for long hours during the day to receive calls or listen to music. In short, their success comes from a unique combination of convenience, style, battery-life, and of course, wireless connectivity.

U&i Prime, a sub-brand of U&i, has added another innovation to its new creation in this vertical; the Shuffle 4 is a next-gen smart neckband in three attractive colours—Black, Green and Blue. It boasts superior audio quality apart from some of the latest technologies and smart features such as magnetic switch controls, smart vibrations, superfast charging and long battery life.

The U&i Prime Shuffle 4 is a simple, elegant and feature-rich audio accessory, ergonomically designed and lightweight that is built for comfort and prolonged use. Built with good quality, it features a combination of soft, yet tough ABS plastic and skin-friendly silicone. Moreover, Shuffle 4 is IPX5-certified that is resistant to sweat, water and dust. So you do not have to worry while walking in the rain or heading out for running and exercising as the Shuffle 4 keeps you entertained without any interruptions.

Basically, the U&i Prime Shuffle 4 has earbuds that incorporate neodymium magnets to help control your music. When not in use, they attach to each other and automatically turn off, and resume the audio the moment they are separated. The magnetic earbuds help keep away the earbuds’ wires from tangling and also prevent the neckband from falling off the shoulders when not in use. And thanks to the soft silicone eartips, you can perceive passive noise isolation to cut off the unwanted chaos around you.

The U&i Prime Shuffle 4 neckband also houses a smart micro motor that vibrates when you receive a call or message. This smart vibration feature helps subtly alert you about calls and messages even when your smartphone is switched to silent mode. Lastly, the U&i Prime Shuffle 4 promises a high battery life. Using a large quick-charging inbuilt Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, it can entertain you with music, or keep you connected on voice and video calls for a good 15 hours on a single charge. And that’s not all! A simple 10-minute charge can give you a playtime of six hours.

Estimated street price: Rs 999

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz