Trying to troll Tim Cook, Google Pixel caught using an iPhone to tweet

Recently, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook posted a promotional video before the launch of the new Apple iPad Pro and Google decided to take a dig at its rival’s new product. However, Google itself became a part of the joke as it was found tweeting from an iPhone.

“The possibilities are endless. #TakeNote” tweeted Cook, who included the hashtag #TakeNote which is often used by the NBA team Utah Jazz on Twitter. Google was quick to notice this and replied, “Hmmmm Okay, I See You. #TakeNote @NBA fans… #TeamPixel is here to get you closer to your favorite team – tell us yours and we might be able to make your NBA Tip-Off even better.”

Netizens immediately noticed that the post by Pixel was made using an iPhone and started trolling Google. On realising this, Google deleted the tweet and reposted it using Twitter’s web app. But several screenshots were already taken by the users.

“You can reply Tim Cook on twitter using iPhone only Google Pixel team did same Nothing else.” commented a Twitter user. Another user said,” Social media manager for a phone company using an iPhone to tweet. A timeless classic”

Although, it is not the first time that the source of the tweet led brands to controversies. In the past, Samsung and other brands have been spotted using Apple’s iPhone to tweet or promote an event. Apple was also spotted doing a similar thing. Apple Music’s Twitter account tweeted from an Android phone while promoting its Music app.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz