Top 5 Miami attractions and where to park near them

Sun, surf, and sand – that’s what Miami’s all about! With its warm, tropical climate, friendly residents, and happening nightlife, it’s no surprise that it is called ‘Magic City’! There’s a lot Miami can offer to visitors, but even long-time residents keep finding new places to hang out! 

However, one thing most people complain about is the lack of city parking in Miami. Because it’s a major tourist city, Miami draws thousands of visitors every day, several of whom drive down or rent a car. Even if you do find a spot, metered parking is very costly. All this makes it hard to find convenient Miami city parking.  

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve created a carefully curated list of the top 5 attractions you must visit in Miami – and where to find easy parking near them! Sit back, relax, and follow the plan. 

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South Beach / SoBe 

What’s a visit to Miami without chilling by the beach? South Beach is one of the city’s most visited beach neighborhoods and a major party hub. It’s the location of choice for foreign tourists to kick back, soak in some sun, and work on their tan! 

During the day, you can walk through the posh residential area (where several celebrities have second homes), and at night you can hit the club and rave at an all-night party. If you’re looking for Instagram-worthy spots, don’t forget to get a snap at one of the colorful Miami Beach lifeguard towers! 

SoBe is one of Miami’s most pedestrian-friendly attractions, with people preferring to travel via bicycle, trolley, bus, or even on foot. It’s obvious that finding Miami parking here is not going to be that easy. However, there are cheap parking garages just half a mile away on Collins Avenue, where you can park. 

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens 

Culture and architecture nerds will be right at home at the Vizcaya Museum, an early 20th century estate that is an exquisite mixture of cultures. Designed in the Mediterranean Revival style of architecture, Italian Renaissance and Baroque styles influenced the villa’s structure. It had been the estate of the late James Deering, a businessman and antiquities collector with a taste for luxury.  

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Walking through the museum is one of the most aesthetically pleasing experiences you can find in Florida. The furnishings and decorative art are precisely what you would expect to find in a nobleman’s house. What’s surprising and unique about the estate is that it is built in a distinctly European style while at the same time incorporating local art styles. While the overall design is Italian and French-inspired, the limestone designs follow the Cuban pattern. 

Apart from the main building, the museum consists of a sprawling 50-acre garden estate that showcases several of Florida’s native flora like palms and philodendrons. The villa’s most high-profile claim to fame is that it provided the setting for Pope John Paul II’s first visit to Miami in 1987, where President Ronald Reagan himself received him. 

Since parking zones near Vizcaya often get filled quickly, you can find cheap Miami parking on South Miami Avenue, SW 1st Avenue or SW 2nd Avenue. 

Little Havana 

Miami is home to a significant Cuban population, who have brought their own distinct culture to the city’s already vibrant atmosphere. Little Havana is the most prominent of these neighborhoods, with a substantial immigrant population running businesses, restaurants, and boutiques.  

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Street life is the biggest attraction here. You can pop into one of the roadside eateries and sample the local Cuban cuisine, or better yet, join a culinary tour that lets you sample every dish! The cigar and rum tasting experiences offered during walking tours have been a big hit with visitors too. You can also relax and sip a cool milkshake at Los Pinarenos Fruteria, the oldest open-air market in Miami. 

Feeling like swaying to some music after all that good food? Dance the night away to some live Latin music on the ‘Cultural Fridays.’ Reggaeton, salsa, bachata, and merengue are just some of the music you can groove to!  If you’re visiting in March, be sure not to miss the Calle Ocho Festival, where you can see the other South American communities join the parade. 

Because it is right in downtown Miami, parking outside designated zones in Little Havana can get you a costly parking ticket. Instead, find an affordable parking garage on NW 24th Street or Ponce de Leon Boulevard. 

Bayside Marketplace 

Want to do some retail therapy and splurge on shopping in Miami? This open-air shopping spree offers everything you need to go on an all-out shopping spree! As the name suggests, the center is not just an attraction because of its commercial offerings but also for its spectacular location right on the waterfront. No wonder then that it’s the most visited place in Miami based on total footfall! 

You can head straight to the malls if you’re looking to spend, but if you’re not, there’s still plenty to do. Bayside Marketplace has regular events like live music and performances that keep visitors delighted. If you’re looking for a quick bite, pop into any of the restaurants along the marina to have dinner with a view. 

Considering the footfall, getting a parking spot near Bayside Marketplace will be expensive and hard to find. Head on over to Biscayne Boulevard Way to get a convenient Miami parking spot that won’t cost you the moon. 

Perez Art Museum 

If you thought that Miami was only about sand and sun, you’re in for a surprise. The city has a thriving art scene that is reflected in the collection at the Perez Art Museum. Since opening in 1996 as the Miami Art Museum, it has grown in reputation and today houses works of artists from North and South America, Western Europe, and Africa. 

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Prominent artists whose works are featured in Perez Museum include Frank Stella, James Rosenquist, Purvis Young, Kehinde Wiley, and many more.  

Besides that, the museum is a work of art in itself. It is built to resemble the many houses on stilts that are a prominent feature of the waterfront in Biscayne Bay. There is also a hanging garden created by famed botanist Patrick Blanc. 

Parking rates in Miami near Perez Museum are costly, so be sure to head on down to any parking garage on Biscayne Boulevard Way to get convenient Miami parking.