TiMi Studios prepares to launch Contra Returns on mobile

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Chinese game developer TiMi Studios Group has announced that Contra Returns will debut this summer season. The official “preregistration” starts today for the run-‘n’-gun action game on iOS and Android devices.

The game is a key launch for the Shenzhen, China-based TiMi, a division of Tencent. TiMi is studios behind huge games such as Call of Duty: Mobile, which has been downloaded more than 500 million occasions. TiMi promises to bring a fresh twist to the iconic retro arcade shooter, with enhanced HD upgrades.

Contra is a home of Konami, which focuses more on no cost-to-play mobile and panchiko games these days than its huge library of console brands.

The game will have new characters, storylines, and customizable weapons that unlock abilities. At release, Contra Returns will have more than 200 levels based on the original, 5 new game modes (such as One Life Mode, 1v1, and 3v3 modes), player and gear upgrades and customization, and more.

Image Credit: TiMi Studios

Qiao Ju, director of Contra Returns at TiMi Studios Group, stated in an e-mail to GamesBeat that it is been 30 years due to the fact Konami introduced Contra. Konami licensed the franchise to TiMi.

“It’s an iconic franchise in video games and has been loved by generations of players,” Ju stated. “Making Contra Returns for mobile platforms is an opportunity for us to bring the joy of Contra to a new audience. As of today, Contra Returns has been a hit for mobile devices in some parts of the world and has been enjoyed across generations.”

Ju stated the corporation has been creating the title for several years and it has a group actively producing updates to the game.

Asked why Contra can work on mobile, Ju stated, “Recent years have seen many breakthroughs in the graphics quality of mobile games. With more technical improvements available, mobile players these days expect to see higher quality graphics in their games. So you can see the new Contra Returns with some updates in its art design and graphical details, but overall it will stick closely to the original style and fun.”

Image Credit: TiMi

Ju said Contra normally supplied players a challenge to create and execute complex battles with wonderful ability.

“We wanted to re-create that feeling of mastery on mobile,” Ju stated. “And as we’ll be servicing this game, we think players would enjoy the chance to showcase their mastery of what it takes to be great at Contra with player-versus-player (PvP) gameplay to go with the beloved player-versus-environment (PvE) levels.”

TiMi has seen projects like Contra as possibilities to find out.

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Image Credit: TiMi

“It’s been an important strategy for TiMi to scale established gaming [intellectual property] IP to more platforms, helping beloved franchises expand and grow with new audiences,” Ju stated. “While games are created by different studios under TiMi, we see great learning opportunities to come from working across our entire organization.”

TiMi’s other huge games incorporate the aforementioned Call of Duty: Mobile, which has had more than 500 million downloads due to the fact November 2019. Honor of Kings has had more than one hundred million typical every day active customers. Arena of Valor has more than 200 million registered customers and is one of the most well-known mobile esports titles about the world. Originally launched in 2008, Speed Drifters kart-style racing franchise has garnered 700 million registered customers more than time.

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