TikTok is introducing iPhone passkey support

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The next TikTok trend is passkeys on iPhones. The social media app is announcing support for the logins that try to make password-stealing phishing attacks impossible by allowing users to sign in with either Touch ID or Face ID instead of entering passwords. The initial launch includes iOS device support and uses Apple’s native implementation of passkeys that saves them to the iCloud Keychain so that once it’s set up, it will also work on your other Apple devices.

Once the feature is available, TikTok users can enable a passkey for their account by going to the app’s settings and selecting the new passkey menu item. Then users can follow a couple of steps: tap Set up, hit Continue on the iOS system prompt to save a passkey, and you’re done!

The system keeps the biometric data used by passkeys on-device, so even TikTok won’t be able to access your fingerprint and Face ID data if you use them to log in.

A few taps will enable passkey on your TikTok account, once available.
Image: TikTok

TikTok isn’t adding passkey support for Android and other devices just yet but will expand to other operating systems “over time.” And you might have to wait a bit if you’re in the US, as the company is only rolling out the feature starting in Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America this month.

TikTok adds that they have joined the FIDO Alliance, the organization behind the development of passkeys. The big tech companies, including Google, Microsoft, and Apple, joined FIDO Alliance to work together on implementing and assisting the development of cross-platform accessible secure logins using cryptographic authentication, which forms the basis of passkeys.

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