The RetroBeat – Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster offers me the dreariness I necessary

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I’m a major Persona fan. That does not necessarily imply that I’m a major Shin Megami Tensei fan. Yes, Persona is a spinoff of SMT and has a lot of similarities. Both franchises involve turn-based RPG combat and have you recruiting and fusing demons to assist you in battle.

Tone sets the two apart. Persona games can have their darker moments, but they are also complete of warmth and humor. Stories and characters drive this series. SMT is drearier. The franchise has its roots in horror, so it is generally unsettling and creepy. Its games are also closer to getting pure dungeon crawlers, with much less focus on narrative and characters.

Given the option in between horror and, you know, not horror, I’m just about normally going to choose the latter. Still, I’m shocked to come across that I have been enjoying my time with Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster on Switch, which released May 25.


The original SMT3 came out for the PlayStation 2 in 2004. It released prior to Persona 3 introduced me to the Megami Tensei franchise, so I missed it back then. But I’ve normally heard that it was a fan favourite, so I was curious about this Switch remaster.

And, yeah, it lives up to the hype. All of the stuff that tends to make SMT wonderful is working effectively right here. Recruiting and fusing demons is exciting and can give you some really serious energy boosts. The turn-based combat is very simple, but the added complexity of exploiting enemy weaknesses to achieve further turns tends to make fights engaging.

I am shocked by how significantly I am enjoying that creepy tone. SMT3’s setting is bleak and horrible. Shortly right after the game begins, the world is destroyed. No one is getting a exciting time.

It’s a refreshing modify of pace for me. If you have been following this weblog, you know that I’ve been playing by means of the Dragon Quest series. I’ve been getting exciting, but these games are all a bit equivalent. And they’re all vibrant, colorful, and light-hearted.

Hey, typically that is my jam. But I’m on my fifth Dragon Quest game on a row. I necessary a JRPG modify of pace, and SMT3 is providing me one.

SMT for me

I assume the game is going to be appealing to a lot of other JRPG fans for the exact same explanation. It’s refreshing to play a game like this that is not about a plucky teenager saving the world with all of their hot close friends. Heck, this is what helped Megami Tensei stand out when the franchise debuted back in 1987, and this horror-inspired aesthetic and tone nevertheless make these games really feel specific.

Even if you are only used to the Persona games or other spinoffs like Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Nocturne is worth a attempt. Just make sure you are in the mood for anything a bit a dry and dreary. Heck, it may well even assist to choose the game up closer to Halloween.

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