The new update for Quest headsets lets you chill in a mountainside room

Meta is delivering a new virtual office environment for all of you out there who work in VR. As part of the v39 software update coming to Meta Quest and Quest 2 VR headsets, you can be transported to the “Mountain Study” environment, which positions you within a house in a valley surrounded by mountains.

There are a few other small improvements and changes arriving in the update that is rolling out gradually over the next few weeks. You’ll be able to send content from a share sheet on an iOS device to a Quest headset, giving VR users an easier way to access content. Similar support for Android users was already added in early 2022. To use this feature, ensure that your headset’s Bluetooth function is switched on.

Select Oculus within the iOS share sheet.
Image: Meta

Lastly, the multitasking features that had once been buried under the “Experimental” settings pane are now available for general use. The feature allows you to flip between apps that you’ve recently used within an interface that shouldn’t look unfamiliar if you’re comfortable with multitasking on a phone or tablet. Meta says further improvements are coming in this space over the next month.

This is a relatively minor software update, but I think that I’ll get my fill of exciting news with Meta’s big VR games showcase that’s happening on April 20th. We’ll be covering the biggest announcements from the showing, so stay tuned.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz