The new UE Epicboom is a beefy $350 Bluetooth speaker

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Where do you go next after branding your speakers with names like the Boom, Megaboom, Hyperboom, and Wonderboom? Well, apparently the natural progression has led Ultimate Ears to none other than “Epicboom.” That’s the new speaker that the company just announced today. It’s a chunky device that gives off more of a Sonos Move aura as opposed to UE’s signature cylindrical Bluetooth speakers. Priced at $349.99, the 4.36-pound Epicboom promises 360-degree audio output from its 4.6-inch woofer and two high-frequency 45mm transductors.

This speaker is rated IP67 against dust and water — that’s a win over the Move’s IP56 rating and means you can submerge it for up to 30 minutes — and it’ll last for 17 hours of playback on a charge, the company claims.

Fundamentally this is still just a Bluetooth speaker; there’s no Wi-Fi element for richer audio quality, nor any smart voice assistant functionality. But UE does advertise an adaptive EQ function that tailors the sound performance based on the speaker’s environment. And like always, you can use party mode to link it up with other UE speakers you own to blanket your space in music.

The Epicboom can last for up to 17 hours on a charge.
Image: Ultimate Ears

UE also includes NFC pairing for you Android users, and the Epicboom can connect to two audio source devices at the same time. It has numerous preset sound modes including Signature Bass Boost, Game/Cinema, Podcast/Vocal, and Deep Relaxation. (Consider me curious about that last one.) There’s even an Outdoor Boost button that tacks on an extra 1dB of sound, according to the product’s website. And yes, Ultimate Ears’ customizable “Magic Button” is still present as well for one-tap access to your favorite playlist on your chosen music subscription service.

The Epicboom comes in black (with yellow volume button accents) or white (with red accents), and it’s available for immediate shipping. $349.99 is definitely up there for a Bluetooth-only speaker in this day and age. But Ultimate Ears has built enough brand power with its Boom lineup that people seeking beefier sound will inevitably splurge on this since it’ll be easily found at Best Buy and other retailers starting on September 22nd. The UE formula might be losing its sheen for certain people in light of smarter alternatives, but as ever, there’s something to be said for the easy, convenient, and dependable option.

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