The Eve Play brings AirPlay 2 audio to your Hi-Fi gear this November

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Eve announced it’s releasing a $149.95 AirPlay 2 receiver called the Eve Play — its first audio device — on November 14th. Though a little pricey, the receiver looks aimed at audiophiles: it’s got optical, coaxial, and RCA audio outputs, 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, a built-in DAC, and an ethernet port.

Eve says you can adjust latency between speakers automatically or manually using the Eve app’s Audio Sync feature if you’re finding multiroom audio isn’t perfectly synchronized. Users will need an iPhone or iPad to use it, as well as a home network to connect it to either via Wi-Fi or ethernet.

The Eve Play has a great set of outputs for a variety of setups, but no inputs.
Image: Eve

Wireless receivers like this with AirPlay 2 support are few and far between, and it’s a shame because Apple Home users are otherwise limited to whatever manufacturers like Sonos and Apple itself think is good sound. There are a few options, like buying a used second-generation AirPort Express or Belkin’s SoundForm Connect Audio, but the closest comparison is probably LinkPlay Technology’s WiiM Pro.

Like the Eve Play, the WiiM Pro costs $149, offers many audio output options, and includes an ethernet port. But the WiiM Pro also supports Chromecast Audio and local streaming over DLNA, and it has audio in ports, so you can also use it as a preamp for, say, a turntable. The Eve Play has no inputs and only offers AirPlay 2 support, making it less versatile overall.

The Eve Thermo Control sensor.
Image: Eve

Eve also announced its new Matter-compliant Thermo Control wireless temperature sensor, a portable thermostat for the EU-only Eve Thermo smart radiator valve, letting the valve operate based on ambient room temperature, not the temperature at the valve itself. The Thermo Control sensor has an e-ink display and capacitive buttons for setting your target temperature. It will be available for €79.95 on November 14th.

The company has also announced it’s releasing a Matter firmware upgrade for its Eve MotionBlinds, which will bring the company’s Adaptive Shading feature to the smart shades. Eve says the upgrade will come on November 14th as well.

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