The Epic Mega Sale is back for a third year and bringing big discounts

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The Epic Games Store is kicking off its yearly mega sale once again. The event is set to run for four weeks, starting on May 19 through until June 16th. Epic’s month-long sale impacts more games than ever. This year, over 1600 games and add-ons like DLC are on sale for up to 75% off.

Some of the games headlining the Mega Sale are Tiny Tina’s Wonderland and Sifu at a 20% discount. Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade is sitting at 29% off. Far Cry 6, the latest of the Far Cry series, is half off — a 50% discount.

The Epic Games Store made its debut in 2018. Over the years the store has garnered headlines because of aggressively pursuing exclusive publishing deals on certain games. One of the more infamous acquisitions at the time was Borderlands 3 in 2019. The store held a 6 month exclusive on the schlooter at launch.

Now it’s giving it away for free. 

Borderlands 3 is the first free game of the Mega Sale. It will remain available for free until May 26, when another high profile game will take its place as a freebie. Every Thursday will see another new game giveaway for the duration of the sale.

The biggest news of the sale, though, is the return of the Epic Coupon. In previous years Epic has given away a coupon for $10 off any game over $14.99 in price — essentially dropping the price of the cheapest potential purchases to a fiver.

This year, though? The coupon is working a little differently. Instead of a flat $10 off a purchase it’s a 25% discount. Which isn’t so great at the $14.99 price range, but works out to a bigger discount for the newer, pricier games. A game at $49.99 now gets $12.50 knocked off by the discount, for example.

Everyone loves a sale. A month-long sale is a great way to tempt those of us with poor impulse control.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz