Tesla’s app now supports automation with Apple Shortcuts

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Tesla owners with iPhones can now use Siri to trigger Apple Shortcuts automations without turning to paid third-party apps like Tessie to do so. The Tesla app’s newest update, version 4.24.0, dropped with a release note saying “Access your vehicle controls and climate from the Apple Shortcuts app.”

To use Siri with Shortcuts, all you have to do is invoke Apple’s digital assistant and say the name of your automation. It’s a little clunkier than actual Siri integration, because to trigger Shortcuts automations, you have to memorize the names you’ve given them and repeat them verbatim, but it’s probably the best Tesla owners will get, at least for now.

Still, Shortcuts support is a little undersold in the release notes. You can reportedly use Shortcuts to control various modes like Dog Mode or Bioweapon Defense Mode and you can also close all the windows, adjust media volume, open your frunk, or set a charge limit — all using your voice (after you set up automations in the Shortcuts app). Here’s the full list, from Not a Tesla App:

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