Templafy: Today’s tech stacks are not constructed for tomorrow’s hybrid work

Tech stacks are not constructed to help today’s — or tomorrow’s — enterprise employees’ requires. In a new survey commissioned by Templafy, a content enablement platform, 35% of staff switch amongst several applications at least 3-4 occasions per hour, interrupting their workflow, impacting efficiency, and leaving more than a quarter (28%) of them exhausted.

If you felt your firm abruptly had an influx of new tools meant to make you and your teammates more productive, but you felt much less effective than ever, Templafy’s investigation may well clarify why.

In the wake of 2020, a promptly shifting work landscape forced corporations to go beyond the future of work rhetoric and in fact implement lengthy-talked-about methods. But for a lot of tech corporations, a new frontier lies ahead – a hybrid work structure – and enterprises’ capacity to in fact achieve this effectively hinges on generating a unified, much less chaotic application knowledge that aids firms run superior. This suggests a more integrated technologies knowledge that can help effective, higher-worth work output.

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The more productivity tools a workforce has, the more “app-chaos” they’re facing. There are as well a lot of solutions to go about having work carried out, and it is major to a pattern of procrastination, exactly where the choice of how to in fact do your work becomes as a lot of a process as in fact having it carried out. A quarter of respondents noted that the quantity of tools they use to do their work decreases the quantity of work they can total on any provided day.

This is major to a paradox for firms: yes, they’re digitally transformed, but disconnectedly so. If we want firms to be set up for good results in this new hybrid, remote and in-individual, typical, organizations’ application requires to allow this good results. And that lies in an integrated tech stack: respondents stated that application that is integrated into everyday workflows (75%) and more user-friendly and intuitive (73%) is what would support them provide more higher worth work.

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A national on the net survey of adult complete-time staff who work in corporations of one hundred staff or more, was performed by Propeller Insights amongst March 26th and March 27th, 2021. Respondents opted into an on the net database, from there, they have been targeted based on demographics. To additional confirm qualifications, respondents have been asked to confirm their data in the survey itself, self-identifying qualifications, with the maximum margin of sampling error was +/- 3 percentage points with a 95 % level of self-assurance.

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