Tamatem Games launches payment and distribution platform for mobile games

Tamatem Games is a leader in publishing mobile games in the Middle East and North African (MENA) markets. And now it has released a new payments and distribution platform.

Tamatem Plus is targeted at helping international game developers expand and unlock the full potential of the MENA mobile games market.

Mobile game developers have faced the recurring pain point of not being able to fully penetrate the Arabic-speaking market due to the issue of payments in the MENA region. Around 70% of the Arab population is underbanked and over the years international players have shied away from expanding into the region due to difficulties in payments.

International game developers have struggled with fully accessing the large Arab population that does not have access to online banking leaving cash as a popular payment method in the region. Tamatem Plus is a one-stop solution that offers access to a massive network of popular alternative payment methods, from direct carrier billing to e-wallets, and card and cash payments for the benefit of both the developer and user.

Tamatem Plus offers Arab players the ability to top up their accounts using their preferred local payment method and therefore gives access to mobile game developers to an untapped market.

“Introducing Tamatem Plus will fundamentally change the course of the MENA mobile games market,” said Faisal Bitar, product principal at Tamatem Games, in a statement. “Not being able to access a massive portion of the Arab-speaking population due to payment issues has been a constant challenge and pain point for international players and game developers in the industry. There is great eagerness to expand into the region based on how lucrative the MENA mobile games market is however, payment methods have always been an issue… And now with the introduction of Tamatem Plus, we can welcome a sea of
international game developers to launch and expand their games in the region.”

Tamatem Games wants Tamatem Plus to unlock a whole market with a click of a button. The seamless integration of the platform to both the developers and users is something that has been long awaited in the MENA mobile games market and is now being delivered by the leading mobile games publisher,
Tamatem Games.

Amman, Jordan-based Tamatem Games was founded in 2013 when CEO Hussam Hammo realized the massive gap in Arabic mobile games available in the MENA market. Tamatem was born with the purpose of entertaining the region with content that people can relate to and understand. Today, Tamatem stands as the number one Arabic mobile games publisher in the region with over 50 published games, 150 million downloads, and 7 million monthly active users.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz