Talespin launches extended reality learning app on Meta Quest

Talespin, which uses spatial computing to train workers, announced the launch of its extended reality (XR) learning app on Meta Quest.

It comes a day after Meta introduced its $500 Meta Quest 3 virtual reality headset. Initially designed for enterprise use, Talespin’s immersive learning app has now been made accessible to the general public, allowing anyone to experience their virtual worlds and gain valuable skills.

Since its inception in 2019, Talespin has been at the forefront of leveraging XR technology to reskill and upskill employees at Fortune 500 companies. By simulating conversations with AI-powered virtual human characters and immersing users in role-playing game (RPG)-style experiences, Talespin’s app offers a way for individuals to acquire and validate essential skills demanded by today’s evolving workforce. One of its more popular training scenarios was “Firing Barry,” about how to fire an older worker with grace.

Talespin has a new learning app for the Meta Quest.

As AI continues to transform businesses and hybrid work environments become the norm, there is an increasing demand for skills that foster effective communication, collaboration, and unbiased thinking. Talespin is addressing this need by providing immersive learning experiences that help people cultivate and master essential abilities, enhancing their value in a technologically augmented workplace.


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Key features of the Talespin app include a diverse library of immersive learning content covering a wide range of essential skills, RPG-style simulations that place learners in contextually relevant virtual worlds, interactive lessons replicating real-life situations, personalized feedback for continuous growth, and an inclusive learning journey tailored to learners of all backgrounds and goals.

Talespin App PR Image 1
Talespin is expanding beyond training workers.

“Essential skills are a cheat code for helping to bridge differing perspectives and accomplish our goals as humans. Immersion into virtual worlds where we can practice skills and gain real experience is a paradigm shift in personal and professional growth,” said Kyle Jackson, CEO of Talespin, in a statement. “We have seen incredible success helping our customers’ employees accelerate their skills development with XR. Now we’re thrilled to make our app available to people everywhere and to support their growth.”

Talespin plans to bring its marquee enterprise immersive learning content titles, such as “Where’d Everybody Go?” and “Leading Through Uncertainty,” to Meta Quest’s user base of 20 million. Additionally, a roadmap of new content releases, including an upcoming title from Singularity University, will be regularly published to enhance the offering.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz