Talend: 36% of company leaders never rely on information to make choices

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Even as enterprise leaders tout the significance of information, 36% of company leaders do not rely on it for producing important choices, according to a survey by Talend, an open supply information integration platform. The very same survey identified that 78% of company executives face challenges efficiently working with information to make choices.

Image Credit: Talend

Our relationship with information is not wholesome. Talend’s survey identified only 40% of executives usually trust the information they work with. For decades, managing and applying information for evaluation was focused on the mechanics: the collecting, cleaning, storing, and cataloging of as substantially information as achievable, then figuring out how to use it later. Companies do not know what information they have, exactly where it is, or who is applying it, and, critically, no way to measure their information wellness.

Data wellness is Talend’s vision of a extensive method for guaranteeing the well-being and return of corporate information and facts. Data wellness presents proactive remedies, quantifiable measures, and preventive methods to determine and appropriate difficulties, guaranteeing that corporate information is clean, comprehensive, and uncompromised.

Data wellness is a complicated journey of special specifications, regulations, and threat tolerance. It will take substantial market place collaboration and investigation to align on suitable requirements for unique businesses. Eventually, information wellness options will enable develop a universal set of metrics to evaluate the wellness of corporate information and establish it as an critical indicator of the strength of a company. Talend’s initial framework imagines 4 key focus places to establish information wellness: reliability, visibility, understanding and worth. We think that information wellness will turn into a crucial, if not the most significant, efficiency framework applied inside and across organizations to monitor and evaluate the wellness of the firm. With this new information wellness initially method, and new requirements, leaders can level the employee playing field and drive a information-charged cultural alter.

From March 24th to April 8th, 2021, Talend led a survey through Qualtrics amongst a base of 529 independent respondents worldwide. (57% North America, 26% Asia-Pacific, 17% Europe). The respondents are all executives — with titles ranging from director to the C-suite — from medium and big businesses producing more than $10 million in annual income.

Read Talend’s complete report Data Health Survey.

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