Taking the boring out of your next virtual presentation with XSplit Presenter

Like it or not, we are living in a different world. With the pandemic having forced our hands to work at home, we turned to digital apps to hold meetings, facilitate teamwork, and generally connect with others.  And while there is some return to “normalcy,” many offices have still opted to have a hybrid model for their employees. As such, we are still reliant on technology to stay in touch and to share our thoughts, ideas, and final realizations with our fellow workers. And while, of course, it is important to inform your audience, it is equally vital to keep them engaged. Enter XSplit Presenter.

XSplit Presenter allows you to deliver rich, interactive presentations that add personality, flair, and interactivity to your work. No matter which virtual meeting app you’re using, you will be able to share mobile, web, and desktop apps with your audience and help to draw their attention to the point at hand through quick and easy annotations. It’s like having a virtual pointer in your virtual presentation. You can import slides, videos, and images to increase interest, and even create a video of your presentation so that you can share it with others at a later date.

One of the cool features of this app is that you can easily add your webcam on top of your presentation to add a true personal touch. But remember … your background matters (particularly if you have decided to use the kitchen table as your worksite and the remnants of your lunch and dirty dishes are on the counter behind you). With the help of XSplit Presenter, you can remove your background simply and quickly thanks to the virtual green screen.

So if you are looking to add multiple media-rich elements before your next pitch, this amazing tool will allow you to import your presentations from Google Slides, Microsoft Powerpoint, or PDF files and turn them into creative, personality-driven content that people will want to watch.

Normally valued at $200, XSplit Presenter for Windows can be yours now for a 70 percent discount. For only $59 you will receive a lifetime subscription plus any and all updates as they become available. Get yours today and start creating presentations that your audience will actually enjoy.

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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz