Survey reveals how PC brands can connect with new and existing customers

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Smartphones often take center stage in the digitalization conversation as nearly 84% of the world’s population owns one. But the personal computer (PC) industry, which spans desktops, laptops, gaming computers (both laptops and desktops), Chromebooks and tablets can’t be counted out yet: A Business Wire 2021 report estimated the market would grow from $145.73 billion in 2020 to $161.93 billion by 2026, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.1%.1

To better understand the industry, Amazon Ads worked with Kantar to survey PC shoppers about how and where they purchase PC products. Based on this research, we found that brands have several opportunities to reach PC audiences throughout the customer journey, whether they are shopping, researching, or browsing for the future. Below, we’ll break down some of our findings.2

Breaking down the PC customer journey from research to purchase

The first step in understanding PC customers’ journeys is knowing what motivates them to shop for a PC. According to our 2022 survey, 56% of PC purchases are driven by routine needs, such as upgrading or replacing a current device.

In addition, many consumers are not necessarily brand loyal; 46% reported that they were “undecided” on which brand to buy before going to a store or site to make their purchase. This means that a high percentage of PC audiences are shopping throughout the year, and that many of them don’t know which brand they are going to go with before they start researching.

With this in mind, PC brands may want to consider advertising strategies that run year-round, as opposed to seasonally, as a way to stay top of mind for these audiences.3

Brands should consider the research phase a key time to inform shopping decisions.

Many PC consumers do their research and shopping online. 60% of PC buyers reported making their purchase online, and 45% of online buyers visited Amazon as part of their research. In addition, 27% of in-store buyers surveyed reported visiting Amazon’s online store prior to purchasing.

Since so many PC customers do their research online, this stage of the customer journey could be a good time to reach potential buyers with brand-building placements. Amazon Ads can help PC brands connect with both audiences, regardless of where the final purchase is made, through a variety of digital advertising solutions both in Amazon’s online store and through other Amazon channels.4

Brands have an opportunity to increase brand loyalty with repeat shoppers

Brands that offer products at lower price points (under $450) may have a unique opportunity to increase brand loyalty among repeat PC shoppers. According to our survey, many PC shoppers make a repeat PC purchase within a year, and are often looking for a lower-cost device. For example, 18% of tablet buyers (not including iOS tablets) bought a second PC product within a year of their initial purchase at a lower price point than the first.5 52% of those buyers did not buy from the same brand again, meaning that they are not necessarily loyal to the brand they made their first purchase with.

Advertisers offering products in this lower price range may consider this an opportunity to strengthen relationships with shoppers who are savvy to the PC industry, yet are still open to trying different brands. Advertisers may want to consider always-on brand focused messaging that inspires repeat PC shoppers to prioritize specific brands as they look to make their next purchase.6

Reaching PC customers where they are with omni-channel strategies

81% of surveyed PC buyers who used Amazon for research recalled seeing an ad served through Amazon, and Amazon Ads offers some unique ways for brands to reach shoppers where they are.7 Advertisers may want to consider running campaigns in multiple places, such as Amazon’s online store and through other Amazon channels, such as Amazon Music, Twitch or Fire TV devices as a way to drive brand awareness and product discovery.8

Brands may want to reach customers on Amazon Music, Twitch, and Fire tablet and Fire TV devices

According to our survey with Kantar, PC shoppers are more likely to use Fire tablet and Fire TV devices, as well as Amazon Music and Twitch. For example, PC shoppers are 20% more likely to tune into Amazon Music and Twitch compared to the general population in Amazon’s store. Advertisers may want to consider incorporating these channels and devices into their overall advertising strategies to build brand recognition among highly engaged shoppers before they have even started researching their next purchase.

Brands should consider multiple advertising solutions

PC brands may find that investing in multiple Amazon Ads solutions can help them stay top-of-mind throughout the customer journey. According to our research, brands that ran advertising campaigns that focused on more than two solutions saw a 6% increase in new-to-brand growth rate (compared to brands that focused only on Sponsored Display and Sponsored Products options). PC Brands may want to consider using a combination of solutions like display, search and video, as well as channels like Amazon Music, Twitch and Fire devices, which could help them reach both new and repeat customers.9

No matter which stage of the customer journey a PC brand is most focused on, Amazon Ads offers a unique set of solutions to help PC advertisers drive brand awareness and connect with highly engaged shoppers. Thanks to the recent Amazon Ads and Kantar research, advertisers now have an opportunity to gain deeper insight into these key audiences before launching a campaign.

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