Stray is getting a line of cute accessories for your IRL cat

I am an avowed cat-disliker, a certified hater, and yet I want the Stray cat backpack. In the mother of all video game branded merchandise crossovers, Annapurrrrna (sorry, I had to) Interactive has announced it is launching a limited-edition cat backpack and harness and leash set in collaboration with Travel Cat — a company that makes all sorts of feline transportation devices that your cat probably thinks are torture devices.

Look at that cat. They’re either high or terrified.
Image: Travel Cat

The cat-pack holds “up to 25 lbs of cat,” which is a delightful-sounding metric, and has a little bubble window so your cat can peer out into the wide world. If your feline friend prefers to do their exploring up close and personal, Travel Cat is also launching a Stray leash and harness set. The harness is a replica of the one worn by the nameless cat who prowls the ruined, robot-filled streets of Stray, though it is stressed that the backpack does not also come with robot sidekick B12. You can preorder the backpack for $139.99 and the harness for $39.99.

Like I said, cats and I are content to be begrudging allies at best and frenemies at worst, but I’d love to have the Stray cat backpack. If for nothing else, I’d enjoy watching my partner’s cat struggle and fail to understand that the backpack is actually meant for his enrichment and not a portal to vacuum-infested Cat Hell.

Stray launches on PlayStation on July 19th.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz