Speechmatics: Voice Technology Is Becoming a Critical Part of the Enterprise’s Toolkit

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Recently, voice technologies has surged in adoption amongst enterprises, with 68% of firms reporting they have a voice technologies approach in spot, an 18% enhance from 2019. And amongst the firms that do not, 60% strategy to in the next 5 years.

The pandemic forever altered enterprises’ tech stack. Many firms currently had numerous pieces of computer software in spot – from net conferencing to collaboration tools – that made the transition from face-to-face to remote a bit more seamless, but the pandemic spurred the fast development of other technologies in each significance and recognition all through 2020. Voice technologies, especially, knowledgeable a marked enhance in adoption amongst enterprises, with 68% of respondents reporting their enterprise has a voice technologies approach – up 18% from 2019.

The pandemic has shown that the organizations that currently integrated voice technologies into their tech stacks had the potential to scale, pivot, adapt, and operate with the robustness to deal with unexpected modifications. But barriers to adoption are nonetheless rampant, as outlined in Speechmatics’ annual Trends and Predictions for Voice Technology Report.

The most significant challenges with voice technologies at the moment are accuracy (73%) and accent or dialect-connected difficulties (51%). Traditionally in speech recognition, the engine is educated to recognize one dialect of a language at a time, creating that dialect the one it most accurately recognizes, comprehends and, for speech-to-text, also transcribes. In English, it is American English, and error prices have usually been larger for Australian accents, British accents, Jamaican accents, and so forth. For firms leveraging the technologies to interact with a international buyer base, this presents a huge challenge. In order for speech technologies to attain its highest prospective, it desires to have an understanding of everybody it is interacting with.

But, providers are creating huge strides in this region to make sure that voice technologies is applicable and valuable for all finish-customers, and organizations are beginning to have an understanding of what that future prospective will be. Of the respondents who have not however place in spot a approach for voice technologies, 60% reported it is some thing they’ll look at in the next 5 years. With the technologies behind voice technologies evolving, and new innovations creating it increasingly more trusted and correct, it is specific to be a critical aspect of any enterprises’ tech stack.

The pandemic could possibly have accelerated current digital transformation, but it also showed organizations the acute significance of the new, will have to-have tools for the tech stack. There’s no doubt that in 2021 and beyond, voice technologies will be a critical one.


Speechmatics collated information points from Owners/Executives/C-Level, Senior Management, Middle Management, Intermediate and Entry Level specialists from a variety of industries and use situations in the UK, Europe, United States, Asia and Australia.

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