Sony’s first PlayStation earbuds promise lossless audio for PS5 and PC gaming

PlayStation is launching its own pair of wireless earbuds. During the PlayStation Showcase on Wednesday, Sony showed off its first pair of Bluetooth-enabled buds that you can use with the PlayStation 5, PC, or with its new Project Q handheld device.

Sony says the earbuds will feature “new wireless technology developed by SIE” later this year to make them capable of delivering lossless audio with low latency. The company didn’t reveal too much about the wireless buds but says that additional details will come “in the months ahead.” While Sony already has a number of well-regarded wireless earbuds, like the Sony WF-1000XM4, Bluetooth support alone isn’t good enough to use them directly with your PS5 for gaming.

PlayStation earbuds and charging case.
Image: Sony

Alongside Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake, Sony’s upcoming Project Q handheld stole the show at the PlayStation event. The handheld, which resembles an elongated DualSense controller with a screen stuck in between, features an 8-inch LCD screen that can run games at up to 1080p and 60fps over Wi-Fi. As is the case with these new buds, Sony only shared a brief teaser of what we can expect in the months to come.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz