Social audio app Clubhouse rolls out one-on-one chat feature Backchannel

Social audio platform Clubhouse has launched a direct messaging feature known as Backchannel for its customers. The feature is now rolling for each its android as properly as iOS customers. The new feature will let the customers on the application to resort to one-on-one chatting, send messages on a group of contacts and also share the valuable hyperlinks. However, like other immediate messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, the customers for now will not be in a position to send pictures or videos on the chat but the business has assured that it is working on producing the video and image sending functional as properly.

Why DM on a social audio app?

Apparently the business has decided to introduce the direct messaging feature to allow the participants or moderators of an on line occasion to converse with the participants along with enabling persons to connect amongst themselves even following the conclusion of the audio occasion. To place it more succinctly, the business does not want the participants of the audio events to look for a further medium to connect with other participants of the occasion as soon as the occasion is more than. This way the business is aiming at offering each services from its platform namely- social audio occasion as properly as direct messaging feature.

Clubhouse had accidentally leaked the new feature back in June. The new feature will be a critical development for the Clubhouse app as its rival social audio applications which includes Twitter Spaces and Facebook Live Audio Rooms currently have enabled the messaging feature on its platform. The application has been downloaded about 8 million instances on the Android devices.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz