Scopely launches Star Trek: Fleet Command on the Computer

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Scopely is taking its hit mobile game Star Trek: Fleet Command to the Computer as component of a new cross-platform technique.

That’s a large deal for Scopely, which has grown to a multibillion-dollar valuation on the strength of its mobile games, as it is Scopely’s very first Computer game. It will be out there as a direct download.

It’s a technique that more mobile game businesses are pursuing as targeted marketing on iOS becomes uncertain due to Apple’s focus on privacy, as nicely as more demands from fans that their preferred games be out there on more than one platform that they use.

The latter is the cause that Scopely acknowledges as a cause for its very first Computer game, but rival Zynga also made a comparable move to obtain a Computer game business as it moved beyond mobile for the very first time in years. Zynga also mentioned its earnings have come to be more uncertain thanks to Apple’s move.


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Image Credit: Scopely

This is a new technique, as Scopely picked up the assets of Fox Next Games in 2020, but it decided not to obtain Fox Next’s Cold Iron Studios, the maker of the just-launched co-op game Aliens: Fireteam Elite, a Computer game.

Created by Scopely and its Scopely Studio Digit, the business launched the game along with ViacomCBS in November 2018.

The 4X technique massively multiplayer on the net (MMO) title is the No. 1 Star Trek game expertise today. Home to a passionate and loyal player neighborhood who devote an typical of 5 hours every single day exploring and conquering the multiverse collectively in-game, Star Trek: Fleet Command has seen more than 14 billion battles and more than 500 million hours played to date.

Kelvin Timeline

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Image Credit: Scopely

Originally based on the “Kelvin Timeline” from the cinematic Star Trek universe, players have considering that been introduced to content from Star Trek’s previous and present, like arcs based on the CBS hit series Star Trek: Discovery as nicely as fan-favorites like The Next Generation and Gene Roddenberry’s The Original Series.

The Computer launch of Star Trek: Fleet Command offers fans even more methods to personalize the adventure via a accurate cross-platform expertise, mentioned Javier Ferreira, co-CEO of Scopely, in an interview with GamesBeat.

He mentioned the game will feature smooth cross-progression, which enables players to seamlessly transition among devices and play from the palm of their hand or their at-home Computer.

“It’s an exciting launch for us as Star Trek has been an incredibly successful product with hundreds of thousands of players engaging with a product with a game every day,” Ferreira mentioned. “One of the things that we’ve heard from the community is that they wanted to be able to engage with this product across multiple devices.”

On major of that, Ferreira mentioned that the business will be capable to provide new social experiences thanks to the launch on the Computer.

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Image Credit: Scopely

“We are also excited about potentially reaching a new type of player that might be very PC-focused,” Ferreira mentioned. “That will allow us to expand our audience. We see platforms being less relevant going forward. Our goal as a company is to serve our players wherever it is that they want to play, and allow them to build really deep communities.”

Popular social features like Alliances and Battlepass will get a enhance from cross-play, uniting Computer and mobile players.

“I think the idea of mobile players, PC players, and console players is outdated,” he mentioned. “Our data now shows that over 65% of players are really going to be engaging with games across multiple platforms. Our strategy is to be player-first, rather than focusing on a particular platform.”

Computer players who download the game will get a cross-platform resource bundle, which suggests that new players and current mobile players who hyperlink their account on Computer will earn a wide variety of in-game sources when they log-in on Computer.

They can also get exceptional cosmetic avatars and frames, exclusive offers, and an entry into a sweepstakes occasion.

But general, the mobile and Computer versions will have feature parity, Ferreira mentioned.

Scopely’s development

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Image Credit: Scopely

Founded in 2011, Scopely has generated more than $1 billion in income to date with large mobile game hits like Scrabble Go, Marvel Strike Force, Star Trek: Fleet Command, Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem, WWE Champions, and Yahtzee With Buddies.

Even with all of its sources, Scopely’s challenge in launching the Computer version wasn’t trivial, Ferreira mentioned. He mentioned it took months to provide the proper expertise. The business utilised Unity to make the transition to the Computer, as the mobile game is constructed on Unity.

During the pandemic, Ferreira noted that gaming has seen tremendous development and more mass industry adoption.

“Overall, gaming is becoming more and more visible for everyone,” he mentioned. “So we are very excited about the category right now and excited about the future for the company.”

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