Say Bye to Ridiculous Electricity Bills – Backyard Revolution, Your Own 3D Solar Array

You’re about to see how getting burglarized, drove a simple carpenter from Orlando to improve these amazing designs and make them work, getting as much electricity as he wanted from just 10 sq ft of solar panels in his own backyard.


Well… MIT Doesn’t Think So.



Renewable energy is NOT expensive. Done the right way you’ll have it up and running for mere pennies… Never at the 20k price tags you hear about on TV. And you can see the savings piling up overnight… You might be going all the way up to 65% off your power bill from the very first month.

And I know you’ll probably say… “Yeah… heard that before”… And your BS senses are going off… But what I’m talking about it’s not a “hushed up secret” or a “breakthrough conspiracy cloaked device” made by some “silenced anonymous brilliant mind”… It’s actually something simple that thousands of people use… But in an inefficient and expensive way…

So stick with me for the next few minutes and you’ll find out everything you need to know on how to do it right… keeping that hard earned cash in your pocket starting today!

As I said, my name is Zack Bennett. I’m a 42 y.o. carpenter from Orlando… Happily married for 14 years, raising a beautiful little girl.


In the fall of 2016, we decided to go on a well deserved and long awaited vacation. We were ecstatic. Our first vacation in 4 years.

We packed our bags and rushed to the airport hoping our flight would make it before the storm hit. But lady luck wasn’t on our side that day… Our flight got cancelled at the very last minute, and we had to return home.

We noticed that the whole neighborhood had gone darkThe power was out from the storm.

So I lit up some candles and took Julie to bed… Reading my daughter a good story at candle light felt peaceful…

I thought to myself… What’s the worst that could happen… Not knowing that night would change our lives forever


An MIT study from back in 2012. It was brilliant. A weird looking small scale 3D solar array that they’ve tested with amazing results.


Instead of going for the usual side by side layout, this system was going upwards. Stacking the panels one on top of the other. But how could the sun waves reach the second or even the third layer of cells? It was easy… Put them in zigzag and you still get 100% sun exposure on just 2% of the traditional system layout. The trick was in the angle.

But even though it was innovative, it was still a tabletop gadget… with no real everyday purpose. It had to be full scale to actually make a difference.

So I thought to myself… “Zack… you’re a carpenter. You build things for a living. You can do this!”

It took me almost a year to get my design ready. But eventually, I found an unbelievably easy way to do it that costs 4 times less than what I was hoping for. And I’d finally done it. I had the perfect layout even for my lousy 500 sq ft…



…safely on the ground. And best of all, it’s not set in place… If I need some extra space, or I need to move the system to make room for something else, I just pick the rack up and place it wherever I want. And I don’t have to ask for help. It’s a one-man job.

No worries… No maintenance… No headaches… And actually no real work!

So why should you fatten the greedy bastards up with 20k, when you can get the same results for only a fraction of that tag. A 1% fraction to be more specific.

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That’s right! You can stick it to them easy… for a mere $200… And on a measly 10 sq feet.

My first unit cost me a little over $200 ($207.12 to be more precise). And results came pounding hard the very next day… I used it for my garage and outdoor lights… And it reflected directly into the bill… 51% off in the first month.

I think I did pretty good… And the cost of $200… That’s money well spent. I got it back in 3 months just by cutting off the bill…


BR Cover

Imagine… $200 for a system… for a worry-free life and a bank account of savings.

It’s probably the simplest, easiest to use A to Z blueprint… that ANYONE can follow to make their own cheap green electricity…

  • no matter if you have no money to spend on a ridiculous off the shelf $20k system…
  • no matter if you don’t have the time or patience to go through trials and errors..
  • no matter if you’ve never built anything before (not even an IKEA chair)

Look: when I finished my research on solar energy, I knew that I had found a gold mine. The benefits are nothing short of amazing.

You won’t need the grid:

In a survival scenario, when the power is down, or a nationwide blackout sends us back into the stone age… rendering 21st century technology obsolete… you’ll be safe and sound in your own cozy home, still enjoying a good movie with your loved ones, cuddled up on the couch eating popcorn like it’s a Friday night.

You won’t need the space:

The “Backyard Revolution” system needs only 5% of the surface used in conventional solar panel systems. All because its ingenious vertical design! A lot of my friends have actually placed it on balconies… so you don’t even need a backyard! Using less space means that it’s easier to protect from looters… and also easier to keep it a secret from a nosy neighbor!

Plus: there’s no maintenance required.

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