Save $50 on the wireless earbuds with the hands-down best noise cancellation

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If you really value peace and quiet while listening to music or podcasts, Bose’s latest pair of wireless earbuds are for you. The QC Earbuds II do an impressive job of blocking out the outside world, whether you’re walking on the street or nodding off on a plane. Because of this, they make for a terrific pair of travel earbuds — even if they do lack of wireless charging. 

Regardless of which model you choose, the latest version of Amazon’s in-house TVs offer a nice value with good specs, including support for 4K HDR and HDMI 2.1, low latency for gaming, and a Samsung Frame-like mode that will display artwork when in standby mode. Plus, as an Amazon product, it’s got Alexa voice assistant functionality built in.

Microsoft is currently selling its flagship Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 for $139.99 ($40 off). This is the all-black version that’s bundled with all the added accessories, including the zip-up travel case with passthrough charging, extra sticks, an alternate D-pad, and the optional rear paddles.

The Elite Series 2 may be a little long in the tooth compared to Sony’s more recent DualSense Edge controller — not to mention the newer, cheaper options from third-parties that use drift-free Hall effect sticks — but it remains a great gamepad with a mostly unrivaled premium feel in the hands. It’s still the only official Xbox controller with a built-in rechargeable battery (which some may prefer over dealing with AAs), and in addition to working wirelessly with Xbox Series X / S consoles, it’s also compatible with Windows PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. 

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