Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy is coming to Netflix

Sam Raimi’s incredible Spider-Man movie trilogy will be available on Netflix beginning August 1st, the company announced on Tuesday.

Raimi’s trilogy is the best Spider-Man trilogy, and I won’t hear another word edgewise. I know the films aren’t objectively the best — the third one is just bad — but for many people of a certain age like me, they’re formative movies that are packed with iconic moments and legendary memes.

Tobey Maguire’s Emo Peter Parker is basically a permanent internet character. One of the best parts of Spider-Man: No Way Home was when Willem Dafoe got to say perhaps his most classic Norman Osborne line. Netflix itself even used a Spider-Man meme in its announcement tweet.

Very soon, you’ll be able to relive all of the glorious moments from the trilogy right from Netflix. While you’re there, you can catch Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man, too. But to stream The Amazing Spider-Man 2 or any of the Tom Holland Spider-Man movies, you’ll need to sign up for Starz. If only streaming weren’t such a complex web.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz