Riot Games and AWS are teaming up to deliver fresh esports content

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Riot Games and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are teaming up to transform Riot’s esports content. Riot is the first company to use AWS’ data analytics integration for esports broadcasts on League of Legends, Valorant and Wild Rift events.

As part of the collaboration, Riot is selecting AWS as its official cloud artificial intelligence, cloud machine learning, cloud deep learning, and cloud services provider. It’s impressive that a game company like Riot has to use a lot of those technologies to get its games out these days.

Riot already uses AWS’ services across its games to focus on how it designs and deploys content to help provide the best possible game experience. Now Riot is going to use AWS to enhance its esports broadcasts throughout each competitive season for LoL Esports, the Valorant Champions Tour and Wild Rift Esports.

Riot wants to include fans in the process

The goal is to be able to provide in-depth statistics similar to major sports leagues. The two companies will be introducing ‘Stats powered by AWS’ during esports broadcasts. These relevant statistics will appear before, during and after Riot’s global esports broadcasts. Ideally including these stats will educate and inform fans about key data points that are pushing teams towards wins.

Fans will be able to vote on which esports stats are developed first. The winners will be debuting during the Valorant Champions broadcasts in September 2022. The League of Legends World Championship later in the fall will also feature the winning statistics.

Riot is going to use AWS’ analytic capabilities to review competitive gameplay, leading to the launch of ‘AWS Global Power Rankings’ down the road. Power rankings will create near real-time rankings of the top professional teams around the world in LoL Esports, VCT and Wild Rift Esports.

Finally, esports fans will be able to participate in bracket challenges throughout the competitive season, potentially winning prizes. Riot and AWS will be introducing ‘Pick’em powered by AWS’, introducing new ways for fans to make team selections based on tournament data.

A Riot Games and AWS hosted hackathon in the fall could feature both Power Rankings and Pick’em as projects. Participating fan-created teams will compete to build statistics-focused systems. These systems may end up integrated into future broadcasts. The two host companies will co-develop an initial build of the platform. Then the companies will provide participants with capabilities from AWS and data from Riot to finish projects.

But wait, there’s more

Riot Games is also introducing Project Stryker. Project Stryker is a number of cloud-first remote broadcast centers, all of which are built around using AWS technologies. These centers will be supporting Riot’s current and future ambitions to reimagine the entertainment experience globally.

Beyond centers around the world, Riot Games is setting up a 50,000 square-foot facility in Dublin. Then a whole second facility in Seattle. All of these will help produce and support live content 24/7, regardless of where the event happens. 

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz