Report: 90% of IT execs are embracing SASE migrations

According to an extensive analysis conducted by Avant Analytics, a research arm of the IT distribution firm Avant, 90% of IT leaders stated they were at the very least likely to incrementally introduce secure access service edge (SASE) migrations into their current framework in 2021.

As IT leaders look to outfit their infrastructure with solutions that fit them best, many are looking at SASE as a new, promising technology. The vast majority of IT leaders understand that SASE is a worthwhile investment and a good solution to adopt into their current framework, but only just over a third of respondents are currently implementing it. Avant Analytics’ comprehensive analysis demonstrates the current landscape of SASE solutions and how distributors, developers, and C-suite executives view their plans to introduce the technology.

Among the major reasons why leaders in this space haven’t jumped on their plans to implement SASE is because they need the right infrastructure and advisors to properly adopt the solution.

Although 67% of leaders in the IT industry stated that enhanced security was their most prominent objective, only 35% have begun to implement SASE into their networks, likely due to a need for expertise on the technology. The report shows that 76% of SASE customers turn to trusted advisors to provide educational assistance for SASE. These highly qualified experts can provide customized, in-depth knowledge for introducing SASE to a framework.

Ultimately, as services move deeper into the cloud-native infrastructure and need networking and security assurance at the source of data collection, SASE will begin to grow in popularity. Security is already a hot-button issue for every CIO and cybersecurity lead in every business, which is why the market is expected to balloon in value in the next few years.

Read the full report by Avant Analytics.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz