Report: 66% of orgs have 5 or more departments using automation

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A recent report by Workato revealed the magnitude of widespread adoption of automation, specifically spanning outside of IT, and detailed how organizations are implementing it across more departments than ever before.

The report took a look at which applications businesses use when implementing integrations and automations, specific processes that are automated the most often, and which job titles are behind building automation. When analyzed simultaneously, the data shows how organizations are automating today and how they’re likely to do so tomorrow. 

This year’s report showed that automation adoption continues to surge rapidly: the number of automations doubled year over year, due to increased accessibility and ease-of-use with low-code tools. In fact, 23% of automations analyzed by this report were built by nontechnical users in business operation roles. Sixty-six percent of organizations have five or more departments that are using automation and since 2019, organizations with seven departments using automation have nearly tripled in size. 

As automation has become more accessible to nontechnical users, it’s becoming widespread across organizations. A testament to recent growth, in 2020 most companies only implemented automation across one or two departments. Business intelligence automations grew 1074% since 2020, with customer support growing 666% as well as a 659% uptick in finance automations. This year’s report revealed that finance has surpassed IT as the most automated department, making up 26% of all automations in 2021, while automations supporting employee onboarding increased by 256% year-over-year. 

When analyzing regional data to track how automation is growing across organizations, Workato found that EMEA’s growth in automations for processes like insights and analytics grew 403%. Within APJ, financial automations boomed, with procure-to-pay growing 514% and record-to-report increasing 569% in 2021.

For its report, Workato analyzed anonymized data from 900 midsize ($50 million to $2 billiion in annual revenue) and enterprise organizations (more than $2 billion in annual revenue) from February 2021 to January 2022.

Read the full report by Workato.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz