Reliance Jio partners with Xiaomi to offer users ‘True 5G’ experience

Reliance Jio on Tuesday announced its partnership with Xiaomi India to offer a ‘True 5G’ experience to all Xiaomi 5G smartphone consumers.

With seamless True 5G connectivity, it will enable Xiaomi and Redmi smartphone users to stream uninterrupted videos, enjoy high-resolution video calls, and play low-latency games on their devices.

“With consumers at the centre of everything, enabling True 5G access to the public has been a constant mission for Jio and we are pleased to share that all upcoming Xiaomi 5G devices will feature SA connectivity out of the box, in addition to the existing ones that have been software-upgraded to support True 5G,” Sunil Dutt, President, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, said in a statement.

To access Jio’s True 5G Standalone (SA) network, users will need to change the preferred network type to 5G in their Xiaomi and Redmi smartphone settings.

“To further enhance consumer experience and connectivity, we are pleased to partner with Reliance Jio’s True 5G network. We are hopeful that this will help consumers enjoy the best of 5G with Reliance Jio’s True 5G experience on their Xiaomi and Redmi handsets,” Muralikrishnan B., President, Xiaomi India, said in a statement.

Models supporting the SA network have received a software update to work seamlessly on Reliance Jio’s True 5G SA network.



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