Rec Room announces Showdown, its newest original game

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Rec Room today announced a new original game. Called “Showdown,” it’s a Wild West-inspired room in which players can reenact their Tombstone fantasies with adorable pop guns. It rolls out to most platforms on August 18.

Showdown is set in a Western town called Sarsaparilla Springs, where players in 3v3 squads pop at each other with cork guns. According to Rec Room, the game launches on Oculus (Rift + Quest), iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox and Steam.

In addition to Showdown, Rec Room is also rolling out new Maker Pen tools for creators. These will allow players to “refine their rooms with chips, circuits and new Maker Pen material.” Users can also design weapons with new specs, such as rate of fire and distance.

In an interview with GamesBeat, Rec Room co-founder Josh Wehrly said, “Not only did we want to put our take on Wild West, because it’s a theme that we really like and something we wanted to add to the Rec Room universe. But we also wanted to give our creator community better tools for making guns and shooter experiences. These PvP rooms are really popular in Rec Room. We observed and heard from the community that the tools we had before weren’t quite good enough. We wanted to make it possible for the rooms our players make to be just as fun and feel as good as the PvP games that we make.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz