Quicksave Interactive and gif.games launch Tezotopia Battles

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Quicksave Interactive, a Helsinki, Finland based game developer, has announced the launch of it’s latest project – Tezotopia Battles. Working together with gif.games, a San Jose, California-based blockchain developer, the company has incorporated blockchain into it’s design.

“It is great to work with a partner that has a long experience in game development ,” said Joab Garza, creative director of gif.games “We can see our vision for the world of Tezotopia come to life with strong focus on the player experience.”

Billed as a “blockchain space adventure,” Tezotopia Battles is a tactics game with a quick, 5 minute playtime per round. In the game you create and take control of a team of robots who have gained sentience. Each of the contests is a 3v3 arena where you use your assembled team to win resources and other prizes.

While the battles can gain you NFTs and resources, they’re not the only way to engage with the game. Also featured is land ownership that also generates resources. These resources go back into the game for creating more land or units for you to control.

“It has been a pleasure to work with the gif.games team and we have enjoyed learning more about blockchain gaming,” said Elina Arponen, CEO of Quicksave Interactive. “We got a quick start into the web3 market ourselves because we have been able to focus on doing the new platform game development that we excel at!”

For those who want to own space land and fight big robots, check out Tezotopia Battles here.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz