Quantum SonoTrix 81 speaker: Modern-day jukebox on a tight budget

BLUETOOTH speakers are gaining significant traction in the marketplace these days. One of the major factors responsible for market growth is product innovation—in terms of design, the inclusion of long battery life, 360-degree surround sound, customisable LED lights, app sync features, etc. A majority of Bluetooth speakers are portable, offering convenience and adaptibility.

If you are looking for a compact Bluetooth speaker that’s stylish, durable and offers good sound quality then you have just found it in the SonoTrix 81. This Bluetooth speaker comes from the house of homegrown consumer and lifestyle tech brand Quantum, and is a fine piece of equipment that is trending in the market. Available for a modest Rs 1,299, the speaker is engineered using cutting-edge technology to produce superior sound coupled with a punchy bass.

Out of its packaging, the SonoTrix 81 comes across as a pretty nifty portable wireless speaker that delivers great sound. It being lightweight, you can carry this compact speaker anywhere. This speaker uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology that makes pairing speed much faster than other Bluetooth speakers, and has a range of 10 meters. You can use the speaker as a personal hands-free speakerphone, thanks to the inbuilt mic in the Bluetooth speaker.

The speaker has a battery capacity of 2000mAh delivering a playback time of upto 18 hours, 10 minutes (70% volume). Full charge takes only eight hours.
On a single complete charge, it assures a playtime of almost 20 hours and the audio output is sans any distortion or shrill effect. It is IPX7 certified so you can bring this speaker with you anyplace — shower, long hikes, outdoor tracks, camping trips, et al. In other words, you can picnic without worry. It has an assured output of 5 Watt. The sound quality is balanced and fit for every environment. Whether you are listening indoors or outdoors, you’ll get and hear your money’s worth.

Nowadays, you need a speaker that not only produces good audio quality but also complements your life by making it easier. That’s what the Quantum SonoTrix 81 does. This all-new speaker is a fine example of big things in small packages as it offers you loads of new and intriguing features to explore but ultimately serves as a modern-day jukebox. It comes in three exciting colours— Black, Green and Blue—anddefinitely at a highly economical price, so go for it.

Estimated street price: Rs 1,299

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz