Precisely: 82% of information executives cite information top quality as a barrier

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Digital transformation initiatives demand trusted information to be effective, but 82% of C-level information executives in a current survey stated information top quality issues represented a barrier to information integration projects. The new report by Precisely and Corinium Global Intelligence discovered that considerable barriers and challenges exist to reaching information integrity and guaranteeing the accomplishment of numerous information-driven projects in the enterprise.

A business’s potential to set method, retain buyers, and develop the company demand information to be trusted. Trusted information starts and ends with accuracy, consistency, and context. In the report, more than 300 C-Level information executives — such as chief information officers — about the world have been surveyed to recognize how they’re managing enterprise information assets to fuel reputable information-driven company transformations. About 80% stated it was difficult to assure information is regularly enriched with correct context at scale, important when creating more informed company choices.

Making matters worse, 65 % of staff who worked at the organizations surveyed will only trust information-driven insights that confirm their current gut really feel.

Data teams invest also a lot time on typical (40%) cleaning and prepping information for evaluation, with some reporting as higher as 80%, and pretty much 9 in 10 CDOs stated they are challenged by a lack of employees with the suitable expertise.

The report paints a regarding image of the existing state of information integrity for leaders across the world, and the developing mistrust company pros have in the information they engage with day-to-day.

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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz