Popular ‘link in bio’ service Linktree is launching an app for iOS and Android

Linktree, a popular “link in bio” service, is launching a mobile app on iOS and Android, the company announced on Tuesday. Previously, you’ve had to log into Linktree through a browser on desktop or your phone to manage your profile, but if you prefer an app, that will now be an option. The “majority” of Linktree’s signups and logins from its more than 25 million users happen on a mobile device, according to a Linktree press release, so this new app could prove to be a popular choice for creators.

Link in bio services, which generally let you make a simple page with a list of all the links you want to share with the world, have become more and more popular among creators in recent years. Social networks like Instagram and TikTok only let you put a single link in your profile, but link in bio services like Linktree let you use that one link to point to many other places on the internet. The services I’ve tried have all been relatively easy to set up, and they can be a great option if you’re looking to make a place for yourself on the internet but don’t need a full-blown Squarespace site.

Linktree’s new app is the latest in a string of notable updates from the company. In June, it introduced a Linktree Marketplace where you can peruse “Link Apps” that you can add to your profile from companies like Reddit, SoundCloud, and TikTok. In May, it announced a way to showcase your NFTs on your profile.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz